Downtown Abby Canine Characters - What If

Sniff Design loves Downtown Abbey, that’s right we said it. So, you watch Downton Abbey, right? If you don’t, you’re probably living in the woods under a rock on a desert island in a time warp in an alternate universe. And even then if still claim it, you’re probably lying. Everyone is watching this show and we are no exception.

The beautiful period garb, restrained acting, and insane soap-operatic plot lines have us hooked and what’s more, has our two in-house TV hounds locked in as well. And since we also love dogs so much, naturally we had to share this fun and compiled character list of the Downtown Abbey character as dogs, found on dogster’s web site. Like us, they also noticed how much Bates resembles a Basset Hound or how cousin Matthew Crawley’s lovable and adorable character resembles a Golden Retriever. Enjoy!