Yummy Treats 1

Animal Jokes – It’s LOL!

Hey! Did you hear the joke about a little bat that….

Well, hold on to your furry tush! Because we’re going to be posting some of the best and most hilarious pet or animal related jokes that will be accompanied with some equally tasty delights to see and chew on. HA!

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EXCLUSIVE – Coupon for our ETSY Pack

Hiya! Great to sniff you! Looking to get your paws on coupon for our Etsy shop? No problem-o. Sign up for our Newsbite n’ Barks newsletter to recieve the latest store new and secret sales.

Yummy Treats 3

Animal Stories n’ Haikus – Read On!

We all know that some of the best stories are centered around animals. What is not so well known may be the fact that we found a way to bribe them into writing their stories and more and then sending them in via e-meow, style. (Shhhh – it’s a secret. Wink, wink!)

Oh! And we got treated with all sort of yummy treats – from Haiku’s, humorous pet stories, to various animal quotes. Who knew? We do! And now we get to share those with you.

Yummy Treats 4

Sniff Desktop Wallpaper – Coming Soon!

We realize that there is a bulk of wallpapers to download – but did you know that here you’ll get a chance to download some of the most ‘paw-some’ desktop wallpapers that unabashedly celebrates pets and animals? Yeah…we thought so. (Hee!)

Yummy Treats 2

Sniff Card – Coming Soon!

Is snail mail dead? Say it isn’t so! In fact, we don’t think this is the case at all. After all, in this digital age of communication almost exclusively getting expressed through the computer, we know just how special it is to get a handwritten note declaring one’s friendship or love. That is why we have created a unique card that will soon be posted here for you to buy and then mail to your closest family and friends. Be their hero! At least….in written terms.

Yummy Treats 6

Sniff Furried Freebies (Misc.) – Coming Soon!

From pet centric crafty templates, cards, tags and more – you’ll find lots of fun and easy DIY freeibes here that you can download and share!