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Hiya, my awesome pawesome ‘fur’iends! Take a moment to sniff out our hub for the latest scoop! Come, sit, stay, and discover exciting updates, including the unveiling of new design services, the introduction of AI-powered design and copywriting services, and the release of fresh pre-made branding kits tailored for pet businesses. Stay tuned for collaborations with fellow pet lovers and pet-themed businesses, as we embark on creative projects designed to inspire and empower pet business owners to fetch more profits and grow their ventures. Get ready to pounce on these game-changing opportunities.

Pets+ Magazine asked Sniff Design Studio to be guest contributor for pet business branding article

September 6, 2019

Sniff Design is a guest expert on the “Hey Joe!” podcast; a series dedicated to helping to teach, and educate fellow pet professional by pet professionals. This pawsome podcast is by world renown Paragon School of Pet Grooming.

For this episode we got to talk about the importance of branding and marketing for pet businesses. After all groomers strive to create beautiful results, but may forget to give this same kind of love and detail to their own branding efforts. Take some time to listen and hear how easy it can be to implement branding and design into your grooming business.

Even better? Click here >> to read the full transcript on our blog and to download the FREE Brand Guide containing a special offer from our online Sniff Store, where you’ll find a growing selection of savvy your pet grooming business marketing materials, pet grooming report cards and more.

Pets+ Magazine asked Sniff Design Studio to be guest contributor for pet business branding article

January 7, 2019

Web Design Ledger featured Sniff Design as an inspirational niche based design studio. In addition, to getting a bit of creative coverage we were asked to write an article to help articulate to fellow pet businesses the importance of having a strong brand identity. Click here >> to read it. 

Or, if you like you can read this article on our blog and get your paws on a FREE Pet Business Branding checklist (instant download). It’s super easy, super fun and super helpful. Click here >> to come and dig this post.

Pets+ Magazine asked Sniff Design Studio to be guest contributor for pet business branding article

March 1, 2017

Guess what? We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Pets+ Mag, for 2 highly informative articles for pet business professionals. Click here to read the complete digital version of this issue for March/April 2017.

The first article is – ‘If You Build It, They Will Shop’. Click here to read the article. The second article is about the importance of having an engaging and informative ‘About Us’ page for pet related web websites. Click here to read the full article. Because we believe this to be of high importance and we utilize this here in our own web site, to show perspective clients why our creative design studio is not only unique but also highly personable.

Pets+ Magazine asked Sniff Design Studio to be guest contributor for pet business branding article
January 13th 2017

We’re pleased to start off the new year with some exciting news!

We had the pleasure of being a guest contributor for up and coming premier pet business magazine Pets+. Great way to start off the new year. Click here to read the article in it’s entirety or to visit our blog post where you can download the article. Also, we’ve included a link in our post for you to subscribe to Pets+ Magazine for FREE. Pawsome!


February 2, 2016

Sniff Design Studio gets interviewed by WPET Talk Radio. Nifty!

We got to be a guest on a radio show for All Paws Pet Talk Radio Network hosting Smart Animal talk by Deborah Wolfe; a national syndicated network airing to all major cities in the US. In this segment we had a chance to talk about all things design and all things pet related of course, in addition to discussing more in depth just what goes on behind the scenes of Sniff Design Studio and it’s founder and owner Monica Cevallos. Grab a seat, get comfy and click below to listen. Sit, stay and enjoy!

January 28th 2016

Our web site design for Sniff Design Studio has been pinned to a web design inspirational board in Pinterest.

Since we design custom pet business web sites, it’s perfectly natural that this would include our own. We decided to share our custom site on a professional Facebook forum we belong to. Not only did it receive numerous ‘likes’ and positive comments it also got pinned to a board showcasing such sites – that are done via Divi WordPress Theme.  Nifty!

January 27th 2016

We are so excited to announce that our little design atelier has been featured on Small Business Trends!

Small Business Trends has given us the spotlight by writing an article all about Sniff Design Studio. You can read the entire article on our blog or via their original post. So dog-gone cool!

December 14th 2015

Meet Mia!

Small drum roll please…we’d like to introduce Mia, our new in-house puppy. She is an 8 month old wired haired miniature dachshund. (SQUEAL!) Mia is a rescue from the Florence Humane Society, in Florence, Oregon. She is a lively, delightfully playful and intelligent puppy who has become our newest muse. About a month prior, we lost our other little dachshund – MINA, to kidney failure. Needless to say, it was crushing. It’s also the reason why it will not have a formal news announcement on this page – after all it’s not something one celebrates.

Mia’s name in Hebrew means beloved. It also means ‘mine’. She looks like a Jim Henson Muppet and we think she may be part Ewok too. If you’d like to keep up with her ‘cuteness’ and puppy antics, please come and ‘like’ our Facebook page, where we will regularly be posting all things MIA. Paw-some!

Sniff Design News 1
Sniff Design News 2
July 23rd, 2015

We have a new web site & online store.

We decided that this little site needed a good ol’ facelift, plus some. So, we cleaned up the pages, added in a brand new portfolio that will continue to expand, a whimsical ‘about us’ page, a new custom header with animated sniff clouds made to float on their way about and included a revised and updated ‘treats’ page where one will find some nifty treats to see, read, share and even download. There is much more to this new site – so, take a moment to sniff about.

Perhaps most exciting of all is that we now have a little online store where we will be selling custom and handmade pet design goods that will have a very limited run. These designs will include all of our famous sniff animal mascots as well as new ones. So, dig in and enjoy!

June 2014

A pet infographic we created for Pupculture Mag is featured on If I Should Die Before My Pet

A custom created infographic we did for one of our client’s (How To Read A Dog Food Label), has been featured on the well known author and award winning blogger Cathy Connolly, of If I Should Die Before My Pet. So glad they ‘dug’ it so much that they dedicated an entire post to it and as well as shared more about Sniff Design Studio too. Two paws up!

Sniff Design News 3
May 2014

Okay, so this is going to be a total Bragasaurus moment!

We’ve just received some awesome news from Pinterest. One of our pin boards (Awesome Pawsome Puppies) was picked to be a recommended board for new pinners to follow when they first sign up. This is so exciting!

Oooh! We now have over 13,000+ followers and growing. ‘Paw-some!’

December 10th, 2013

Our free pet-themed gift wrap gets featured on Cosas Molonas

One of our most popular freebie downloads we did as part of our 10 year anniversary celebration has been guest featured on the widely popular DIY blog Cosas Molonas. Our downloadable pet gift wrap was covered as part of their annual 2013 Definitive Guide for most favored DIY gift wrap finds. Neat-o!

Sniff Design News 4
July 3rd, 2013

Sniff Design Studio celebrates a 10 year birthday!

It was our little ol’ Birthday. That’s right… 10 years ago Sniff Design Studio was officially and legally founded on July 3rd, 2003. Yiipeee! We had fun celebrating this monumental affair by posting a countdown on our Facebook page and created a slew of downloadable pet design freebies that we posted on our blog. So…here’s to another 10 years!

Jan 25th 2013

Kirbie The Dorkie features our DIY pet treat label on their blog.

As part of their Friday Fetch blog post in Jan, our free downloadable pet treat label design was showcased. Fun!

Sniff Design News 5
Nov 2012

NEW sister web site for Sniff Design Studio featuring read-made pet business logos!

Yep, you read that right. We’ve launched a new sister web site where one can go and find ready-made pet business logo design for less than $100. Whoah! Since we got several business requests for logos that were less in cost but that would still be fun, unique and professional. So we decided to launch a new ready-made solution. Sniff Design Basics®. Viola!

Oct 2012

Our pet infographic – What Kind Of Dog Is That –  that was created in partnership with Pupculture Mag, has been featured on two popular blogs!

We created a fun dog infographic on the differences between types of therapy dogs and it has been showcased on Tails Pet Mgazine blog and on Bat Pig & Me blog. Can you dig it?

Sniff Design News 6
February 2012

Although we were featured in Daily Inspiration’s web site back in May of last year, we just found out. Ha! It’s odd.

None the less, Sniff Design is very pleased to make news once more by getting our work featured along side with other talented creatives. Daily Inspiration is a big and successful site dedicated to showcasing the work of talented designers, illustrators, digital artists and fine artists from around the world that has now formed a huge collection of work.

Sniff Design News 7
December 2011

Here at Sniff Design Studio two of our very own in-house employees have a new dog blog created just for them. Meet Mina and Max! Mina and Max are two very cute yet ‘devil’ dachshunds who love to run amok in the studio. Officially their job status is this: Mina (A.K.A. – little alligator), heads up security and Max (A.K.A. – ladies man), is in charge of PR. Our crazed fascination with them has gone so far that we regularly help them keep their blog updated as well as help create fun and various types of (often free), dog themed downloads via their blog.

Mina and Max are also the inspiration and stars of The Funny Bone, a new dog comic strip running in Pup Culture Magazine. This dachshund themed comic strip can also be followed at Mina and Max’s own site. So, feel free to go and sniff them out and while you’re at it, take a moment to drop them a note too.

Sniff Design News 8
November 2011

We just love the idea of an online specialty offering an ecard service to pet businesses. So, naturally here at Sniff Design Studio we are excited to announce a new business partnership with Sloppy Kiss Cards. This service allows a pet business owner or manager, to send out custom ecards to their clients serving as general reminders, greetings of various types or even appointment reminders. What’s more, our partnership with Sloppy Kiss Cards allows us to work directly with you (the ecard service user), to design a customized ecard that will include your logo, branding and links all to quickly and easily drive customers back to your pet related web site.

Sniff Design News 9
October  2011

As a design studio that caters to the pet businesses with many client starting out in this industry, we could not help but to have the extra honor of forming a new business partnership with a special startup: Pup Culture Magazine. This new partnership with this new dog centric magazine includes being name the art director as well as designing their new web site and development. With a shared passion for all things canine, we so pleased to be working together with this new company to help celebrate and enhance the relationship between people and their dogs by providing quality, well-researched information on the latest canine care.

Last but not least, we are also the creators of Pup Culture Magazine’s new comic strip – The Funny Bone which is based on our two in-house dogs, Mina and Max.

Sniff Design News 10
February 2011

pet logo design for lucky dog coffee

We’ve been selected once more in having the honor of one of our pet logo design’s selected to be featured in Logo Lounge Vol 6 (LogoLounge 6: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers). This book, the sixth in the series, once again celebrates the brilliant work top designers around the world have created for clients both large and small.

Last but not least, we are also the creators of Pup Culture Magazine’s new comic strip – The Funny Bone which is based on our two in-house dogs, Mina and Max.

Sniff Design News 11
July 2010

award winning pet logo design samples from logo lounge

We did it again! We have the honor of announcing that several logos were selected to be published in the second in the seven-volume Logo Lounge Master Library series, Logo Lounge Master Library, Volume 2: 3000 Animal & Mythology Logos is a highly organized collection of 3,000 animal and mythology logo designs, culled carefully from, the largest online search-able collection of logos by leading designers from around the world.

Sniff Design News 12
March 2008

award winning pet logo design samples

We are pleased to announce that a couple of logos were selected to be published in Logo Lounge’s fourth volume in the best selling Logo Lounge design series: Logo Lounge 4, 2000 International Identities by Leading Designers. This book certain to impress carries a fresh collection of 2,000 totally new logos from designers around the world and like it’s previous titles in the series, this book is a complied in association with, the largest database of logo designs in the world.

Sniff Design News 13
October 2007

A unique and popular newsletter LiquidTreat gives a glowing review for Sniff Design LiquidTreat is a weekly newsletter about design featuring everything from the latest events and products to retro icons and household helpers. It’s a real treat to receive. NOTE: This article is no longer archived. So instead here is their original review:

“Animal Friendly Design – Sniff Design Studio serves a unique niche market: What began as a love for both animals and design eventually grew into a full-service graphic design studio with animal clients. Well, not the animals themselves, but the industries that make the lives of pets, wildlife and other creatures better. Sniff has even started selling its own kingdom of animal-themed postcards. And to keep the environment pet-friendly, Sniff donates a portion of its profits to animal rescue programs nationwide. It’s a business model, says the studio’s website: “We want you to know that we believe in action, not just barking.”

Sniff Design News 14
July 2007

Paper Crave is the personal blog of Kristin Magee, that was started in 2006 as an outlet for sharing her favorite paper finds – from stationery, greetings cards, posters, art prints, paper crafts and more! So, when we found out that she reviewed our sniff postcards that we’re selling online via our Etsy store, we were simply elated!

Sniff Design News 15
July 2007

Dog Art Today graciously features us on their blog. In addition to discussing our pet graphic design services, the article also covers our neat little postcards that we have for sale.

Sniff Design News 16
June 2007

We’re pleased to announce that Embrace Pet Insurance has written an ‘paw-some’ article on what makes a good pet-related web site and features…yep, you guessed it – Sniff Design Studio! There is a nice write up that positions us as an example design studio that knows how to create professional and functional web sites for our clients. It’s a neat article. So, take a moment to read it.

Sniff Design News 17
October 2005

We are selected as ‘Cool Dog Site of The Day‘ via’s international web site. Woof!

Sniff Design News 18
May/June 2004

STEP Inside Design does a write up on Sniff Design Studio and one of the studio’s early break through packaging projects for a gourmet pet treat manufacture. The featured client is none other than Annabelle’s Doggie Treats, whose line of gourmet doggie treats quickly grew popular among pet owners.

Sniff Design News 19
Jan/Feb 2004

We just received some a treat from Veg News Magazine! They have written an article about us as covering our unique pet industry design services in their 2004 issue. So cool!