Christmas Cat Sitting Report Cards

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Happy Pawlidays!

‘Tis the season to indulge in the purr-fect holiday bliss, and we’re delighted to introduce our enchanting Christmas-themed cat sitting report cards! Unleash the festive feline spirit with these whisker-twitchingly delightful card. Each an exquisite portrayal of your cat’s holiday escapades. Adorned in adorable illustrations featuring our fabulous feline friends. Donning Santa hats, jingle bell collars, and cozy scarves, these cards are designed to make your heart melt like butter on a warm sunbeam.

But wait, there’s more than meets the eye! We’ve elevated the standard cat sitting report to a whole new level of cattitude. From rating their acrobatic skills as they playfully swat at ornaments to documenting the moments of sublime tranquility as they bask by the fireplace, our report cards cover it all. With sections to rate their ‘meow-raculous’ festive antics, paw-some behavior. And a dedicated space for capturing those enchanting “purr-fect” moments, our cards are the cat’s pajamas.

This holiday season, gift your cat the attention they deserve with our Christmas-themed cat sitting report cards. It’s not just a report; it’s a keepsake that captures the enchantment of the season. And leaves a paw-sitively unforgettable impression on every cat parent. Don’t miss out—pounce on the opportunity to make this holiday season a memory worth savoring for both you and your feline friend!

Psst! Wanna get your paws on a canine version? “Purrrrfect”. Click below to sniff em’ out.

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This set includes 10 different designs—the perfect way to help you celebrate the variety of all the different shapes and sizes of our four-legged feline friends.

These templates have an empty space at the top, giving you room to add in your business name and contact info. To do this. You will upload each file into your Canva™ account. Or you can upload each file into Microsoft Word. (Each file is a PDF file).

This stylish water colored cat sitting report card pack will add a pawesome touch of Christmas cheer and spirit to your pet sitting business. Merry Christmas!

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Christmas themed pet sitting report cards feature image by Sniff Design Studio


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This is a pre-designed printable. The design is not alterable.

High resolution & print ready

Room to add in your sitting business name and contact info

US letter paper size (American A4)  – 11 x 8.5 inches

RGB color allowing extra print compatibility for your own in-house/in-office printer

10 festive designs – (these will be PDF files)

The link to download the font used there in the header – so you can best match this design to the original

Best to download the file using your desktop or laptop


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‘How To’ directions included in the download for Canva™ & Microsoft Word users

To add in your own info you can use a FREE 3rd party online editing app, such as Canva™ or Microsoft Word.

Best to download the file using your desktop or laptop

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1 — Use this for your cat sitting / cat boarding business.
2 — With multiple designs pick the one of choice that best matches your ‘fur’ client – nifty!
3 — Perfect for any pet parent looking for a unique report card to leave with their pet care service of choice.
4 — If you are just sitting for a friend this holiday, this pack is a great fit to help add an extra touch of personality.

Perfect for cat sitters. Help set yourself apart from the rest of pack, grab this set, and enhance your pet sitting client services.

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” I purchased all of Sniff Design Studio’s pet sitting report cards and my clients love them! I have been texting reports for as long as texting started and hands down my clients adored these! 

Tami Truex
Head To Tail Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

sniff design birdy and heart product testimonial for Sniff Design Studio