savvy critters pet infographic design

We all know that our own pets rock and what’s more, we love to announce it to all of our family and friends. But who would ever think that our fascination with them would also spill into the online realm? In fact, pets have grown to be so popular that a new social media wave is one the rise; giving way to a fun filled ocean’s worth of online doggy and kitty profiles, ranging from pet blogs to pets having their own Twitter or Facebook account. So, perhaps the new question is just how many pets ARE online? Here is a preview of a lightly styled pet infographic (originally created by eBay classifieds), to see some fascinating facts regarding our pets and their growing online popularity. Click here to read the entire infographic.

If you already have a pet or are getting ready to adopt one, feel free to refer to this infographic and learn how you can make your pet a social savvy one! In fact, we did this for our very own two in-house dachsunds Mina and Max. Check out their dog blog here: or follow them on twitter via: @minaandmax (and yes…it’s official, we are crazed).