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puppy branding package

Stand out from the pack. Make your mark and spark!

Our complete pet business brand development package is an easy way to ensure your brand starts off on the right food (or paw). Not only does this package allow you to have unique and beautiful branding, but it also ensures it remains cohesive across all platforms + media. Plus to sweeten the deal, we finish it off with a brand style guide to make your design and brand continues to bring you results no matter where its being used.

The packages below are for the serious pet business owners + petpreneurs who want to ‘level-up’ their brand through the use of visually stunning design. These packages will help your business to stand out of a crowd, so you can attract more high-quality clientele.

Puppy Branding Package
Collection Includes:


The primary logo is the main graphic representation of your business and it is used the most frequently. When designing the primary logo, my main goals are to communicate who you are, what you offer, and/or where you operate. This logo may include your company’s established date and/or tagline.

  • Used most of the time
  • Includes full business name
  • May include business tagline, start date and/or web site.

The sub-mark does not include text or the full name of the business Instead, the sub-mark logo is a graphical shape or icon that represent your business. The sub-mark is best used when your logo must be resized to extremely small formats to help communicate your brand quickly.
(Think of social media use, watermarks, etc.)

  • Commonly used online and on social media
  • Used when logo is resized to extra small formats
  • Includes single letter(s), number(s), or symbol

A brand style guide is a reference document to help maintain your brand’s consistency by providing visual examples of company design guidelines. This will help to easily maintain the overall look and feel of your brand.

The brand style guide will be a PDF that will reference, outline, and link to all of the included the design assets for this package. 

  • Branded Color Palette
  • Branded Fonts
  • Branded Pattern and/or Illustrations
  • Brand Recommended Imagery Style
  • Web + Print HEX color codes
  • Brand Styling Guide (PDF)

Custom matching cover photo and profile image for Facebook platform.

The profile image will use the newly designed ‘sub mark’.

  • Facebook Cover Image
  • Facebook Profile Image