Pretty Pittie Foster / Rescue Pet Report Card

$ 15.99

Introducing “The Pretty Pittie” Pet Report Card Pack. A must-have resource for foster and rescue parents of American Pit Bulls. This downloadable pack features 8 unique designs. And includes a pet intake form along with an extra page dedicated to taking essential notes.

“The Pretty Pittie” Pet Report Card Pack, can be an invaluable tool for foster parents. And rescues specializing in Pit bulls. Here are three key reasons why:

Here are 3 HUGE reasons why nabbing this specialized pet report card is seriously pawesome!
#1 – Comprehensive Assessment:
The specialized pet report card allows foster parents. And rescues to holistically assess the intake and care of Pit bull dogs. With dedicated sections for tracking behavior, health, training progress, and overall well-being. This pet report card provides a comprehensive overview of the dog’s journey and progress.
#2Documentation and Communication:
“The Pretty Pittie” pack ensures that important information. Is properly documented and easily shared with relevant parties. Foster parents can record key details, such as medical history, behavioral observations, and training milestones. Which can be crucial for potential adopters. Or even for veterinarians to understand the dog’s background and ongoing needs.
#3 – Tailored Support:
Pit bulls often need specialized care and attention due to their unique characteristics. This pet report card pack is specifically designed to address the needs of this breed. Enabling foster parents and rescues to track their progress. Identify specific challenges, and provide appropriate interventions. Or help relay important info when it comes to training strategies. All to help ensure the well-being and successful placement of the Pit bull in a forever home.

This “Pretty Pittie” pet report card pack, is an invaluable resource. For foster parents and for rescues committed to the care and well-being of Pit bulls. With its comprehensive assessment tools, effective documentation, and breed-specific support. This handy tool will empower individuals and organizations. To make informed decisions. While providing the best possible care for these precious dogs.

Psst! Last but not least. Here’s a helpful link to a post we wrote about some key benefits of using a pet report card to aid in your pet care efforts.

So, come and get your paws on this unique and customizable weekly foster/rescue pet report card. Set to help make mark and bark!


Includes 8 unique designs for variety and personalization. Pick your pup and glow up!

This digital product for instant download, no physical delivery

Multi-paged PDF document for thorough and detailed pet tracking

High resolution for beautiful printouts

Standard size: 8.5 x 11 inches (A4)

Unlimited printing capability

Space to add pet’s name, breed, and age

Convenient weekly record-keeping feature

Color set to RGB for vibrant and saturated printouts

In-home/in-office friendly design for optimal color reproduction


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1. It can be used as an adoption portfolio, showcasing a dog’s personality, behavior, and training progress to potential adopters.
2. It can serve as a training progress journal, enabling users to track obedience training, behavior modifications, and milestones achieved, facilitating ongoing assessment and adjustment of training.
3. It can encourages collaboration within foster networks by exchanging filled-out report cards, fostering knowledge sharing, and providing valuable insights and support for effective Pit bull care.

Get your paws on this pawesome pet report card pack, today!

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