A ‘Pawfect’ 4th of July Dog Instagram Story Stickers

$ 6.99

This ‘Pawfect’ 4th of July Dog Instagram Story sticker set is perfect for all pet lovers and petpreneurs looking to celebrate Independence Day.

Come and dig this set of celebratory 15 digital pet-themed stickers.

Who here loves the 4th of July and loves celebrating all things American? We do! You do! Yahoo! Are you a proud patriot, looking for a creative and cheerful way to celebrate online? ‘Pawfect!’ Come dig this cheerful set of dog graphic overlays that’ll add a unique, playful, and creative look to your Insta stories. Perfect to help boost story promos or for announcing summertime holiday business-related services. Oh! And you can use the cute pet graphics in your Canva account, by adding them right in as sweet overlays. Easy-peasy!

Here are a few reasons why using our pet-inspired Sniff Stickers in your social media; can serve well:

Generates an emotional connection with your brand looking to celebrate the American spirit.
• Builds + maintains authenticity and trust.
Make your story stick for Independence Day. Don’t just simply ‘yip’ it
• Can help to promote traffic and leads. Imagine, being able to grow and garner both loyal followers and customers? Awesome Pawsome!
It improves the positioning of the brand by working to celebrate with others a proud American spirit. These will help make you stand out and get your audience to sit. Stay. And take notice.

With 15 digital stickers to select from; create fun and inspiring Instagram stories. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your pics ‘speak!’; get your paws on this custom set.


Use these cuties to add inspired LOVE, BARK n’ AMERICAN PRIDE to your stories. Whether you’re a pet professional, pet parent, or pet blogger, or someone who loves dressing things up with a playful spin; these Sniff Stickers will set up your Insta Stories. Paw-yeah!


4th of July Celebration
4th of July Pupcake
American Decor Fun
American Fireworks
Celebratory Glasses
Digging Fun
Dreamy BBQ
Flying My American Kite
Happy 4th of July (wording)
Nap-time and Football
Proud American Dog
Running With Balloons
Singing For Awesome American Food
Sweet 4th of July Dog
Sweet 4th of July Dog 2

15 digital Sniff Stickers with transparent background – (PNG files)

sniff design pencil toggle icon

De'tailed' Directions

• Download The File.
• Unzip The file.
    (Use WinZip app for Android users or iZip app for iPhone users.)
• Now Send/Place These Photos To Your Phone.

1. Upload the Sniff Sticker files to your camera roll on your phone.
2. After you select the photo or video you’d like to post to Instagram Stories, open the photo album on your phone and copy the stick you’d like to use.
3. Now, head back to Instagram and paste.
4. The sticker will appear on the bottom left of the screen and you’ll be prompted to select “Add Sticker”.
5. Once you click “Add Sticker”, you’ll be able to move the image around and resize it. Viola!


Download the free Swiftkey Keyboard app from Google Play store, if you don’t already have it.

1. Upload the Sniff Sticker files to your camera roll on your phone.
2. Open Instagram Story and select the photo or video you’d like to post.
3. Using Swiftkey as your keyboard choose the Text option. (“Aa”)
4. Select the “GIF” icon
4. Next, select the “Thumbtack” icon from the keyboard, and select the sticker you want to add to Story.
5. Now you’ll be able to move the image around and resize it. Viola!

SNIFF TIP: To make life easier, create a separate album on your phone dedicated to stickers and graphics. That way you won’t have to scroll endlessly through your photos each time you want to use a sticker. Furbulous! 


1. Download and save the files to your desktop or your camera roll on your phone (for mobile users only).
2. In the LEFT side of the menu. Select the “Uploads” icon.
3. Next, select the “Upload Files”, PURPLE BUTTON.
4. Now select all of the files from your desktop or camera roll, to upload them to your Canva account.
5. You’ll now see all of the newly uploaded files there in the LEFT side. Select on any one of them to start using them. Viola!


Note: This is a digital download. No physical product will be delivered.



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1 — Perfect for all dog lovers or pet-related businesses looking to celebrate the 4th of July.
2 — With 15 different designs pick the one of choice that best matches you. Paw-yeah!
3 — Great for all pet businesses and all dog lovers looking to create an attractive and highly engaging story.

Help set yourself apart from the rest of the pack with THIS PACK. Get your paws on it now and enhance your stories’ brand this 4th of July.

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