It’s our birthday today! Yep, 15 years ago Sniff Design Studio®, was founded in a tiny little apartment in the heart of San Francisco, on July 3rd, 2003. I had just quit my full-time job to pursue my dream and starting a design studio all my own.

It’s been a long road, with lots of hard-earned lessons, failures, and successes. And to be honest, this little design studio is STILL something I look forward to running on a daily basis and am truly grateful for. I LOVE animals and I LOVE to create, and to think that these simple premises are what has fueled this creative enterprise for this long – is amazing. I still wake up every day looking forward to work. I’m so grateful that I am able to make a living at creating for some of the best pet business (petpreneurs) entrepreneurs around.

Here is to all of the clients past and present. Thank you so much for your business. Thank you for entrusting me to be the creative force behind your business. Thank you for continuing to work with this here little design atelier. Thank you for simply choosing to work with Sniff Design Studio®.  None of this would have been possible without you.

So, with that, on to the promised FREE GIFT: A ‘pawsome’ pet-themed pennant banner – perfect for celebrating your pet’s birthday. Heck, this also great for any dog crazed person out there who simply loves incorporate all things pet into their lives.

This pennant banner design was originally created back in early May of 2018 for our in-house dachshund pup, Ms. Mia. She turned 3. Naturally, we had to throw her a pup party with family and friends to celebrate. We have modified this little birthday banner kit so that it can be used for both cat and dog ‘pawrents’. Included in this kit are 26 letters and number 0-9. Plus, happy dancing dog and cat graphics. Dig it?

It's Our Birthday! We Have A Gift For You! 1
It's Our Birthday! We Have A Gift For You! 2
It's Our Birthday! We Have A Gift For You! 3
It's Our Birthday! We Have A Gift For You! 4
It's Our Birthday! We Have A Gift For You! 5

 *For personal/personal business use only, please.