dog pet logo design examples

The dog being considered as man’s best friend is a great subject for logos and now with an unprecedented explosion in new pet business markets, the need for dog logos designs are on the rise. Dogs are well-loved by many people because they perform many roles for them such as unyielding friendship, protection and most especially, accompanying them in their everyday lives as their domestic pet partners. In this post, we want to give you some fine examples of how dog images can be used to create logos for a particular type of business. Actually, dog images can be pretty versatile – funny for some toy brands, strong and powerful for security services or sport clubs, stylish for dance parties, and loyal for law agencies, for example. A properly chosen and illustrated dog logo will, definitely, serve its purpose, like a faithful dog serves his master.

Here is our collection of some inspiring dog logo designs which are unique that we have come across and have long admired. We couldn’t help but to also throw in a few of our own pet logo designs in as well. So, if you’re on the lookout for a dog logo design or any pet themed logo design, take a moment to browse our own portfolio and come ‘bark at us’. Woof!

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Logo Design Credits:

Dachshund Dog Show Logo – by GAL / Ukraine
Buzz Dog Group Logo – by  The Buzz Dog Group / USA
Barkerrs Logo – by ES Designs / USA
Parachuting Dog Company Logo – by Ryan / South Africa
Smarty Pants Dog Training Logo – by Sniff Design Studio / USA
Dog Dish Logo – by Jared Milam / USA
Barker’s Lane Logo – by Sniff Design Studio / USA
Win Win Dog Training Logo – by Sniff Design Studio / USA