Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. They are always around when you need them and happy with just a bit of attention. In addition to making great pets, they also can make even great subjects for artwork. In fact, most businesses who venture into using dogs as part of their marketing efforts find that they can get greater results, or even just getting their audience to pay better attention. Dog related design has now stretched across all sorts of mediums, from digital works like logos and branding, to animation, to 2d illustration.

In the brief gallery below we’ve put together some astounding artwork focusing on dogs. Let us know your favorites or other alternative works of art that you’ve may come across in other pet web site or blogs. In fact, feel free to share those images via our Sniff Design Pinterest page, since we love to pin and share all things canine and feline related. Or, if you happen to come across this blog and are in need of professional pet design or pet logo design we’re here!

Dog Graphic Design Examples1st Image Credit – Old Man On A Mountain – by Craig Henry

2nd Image Credit – Space Dog – by Melanie Matthews

3rd Image Credit – Dog – by Nguyen Thanh Nhan

4th Image Credit – Cat ‘n’ Dogs..And A Bird – by Bram Zwinnen

5th Image Credit – The Mutz Nutz On Holiday – by Sniff Design Studio

6th Image Credit – My Dog – by Jared Chapman

7th Image Credit – Baby Wags – by Sniff Design Studio

8th Image Credit -Bone – by Craig Henry