Check out this neat DIY dog bed I found via Shop’s blog. Naturally, since I thought that this project was so cool, it would be a great way to create something bright and colorful to help bring in a dose of early spring for Fido or Ms. Kitty.

What’s more, I love just how simple it is to do!




1. Choose an empty suitcase that’s large enough for your pet to fit comfortably in.



2. Measure and cut out a piece of foam to fit inside of the suitcase. You can add multiple layers of foam for more cushion.


3. Choose a fun fabric to place over the foam. Cut out a piece that is larger than the area of the suitcase (you’ll need the extra length to secure the fabric).


4. Place the fabric over the foam and tuck it in at the edges and corners. For a more secure fit, you can also take two pieces of fabric (both large enough to cover the foam) and sew them at the edges to create a pillowcase to cover the foam with.


5. Present your furry friend with their comfy new bed and add in their favorite toys!


Now, if you want to share this DIY project with others on Pinterest, go for it! Or better yet, you can visit the blog and share a Pinterest ready image posted at the bottom of Ruche’s blog. Have fun with it and enjoy!