Here at Sniff Design Studio®. We’ve long held close to our opinion that custom branding is not only the best option. It’s the only option. Our ongoing pursuit continues to be. Centering this remote design agency to help pet business professionals to uniquely build and brand themselves.

So, you may be surprised. To read that we also believe, that not every pet business needs a custom brand to start. In fact, we’d say that for a brand new burgeoning business, opting for a premade brand can be a fulfilling option.

After all, we understand the inherent desire to focus on one’s branding efforts. And that is why. We decided to design and develop semi-custom done-for-you pet business branding kits. Now available via our sister company: Sniff Design Basics®. Also, what makes these kits semi-custom is that they’re sold only once. Pretty neat, huh?

Wait a minute! I thought you only offered custom branding for the pet industry niche market.

You’re right! For quite some time we’ve chosen to do that. Yet, here are a few reasons why we have chosen to make this new type of branding service available.



The ever-changing and ever-growing nature of the pet industry. And the nature of professional needs stemming from it. And the main need we’ve encountered is the need for a professional brand identity. Alas, not all startups or small businesses can or are ready to invest in a fully-fledged branding option. Yet their desire to stand out is strong. They too deserve a brand that will help them find and fulfill their place in the industry.


In the past couple of years, we’ve noticed a huge shift in some technological advances. For example. There are now online programs and/or apps that have made a way to design and develop one’s own branding. This is known as DIY branding. Also, known as Build Your Own Branding – (BYOB).

While at first, it may seem like a good idea and an easy thing to do. Most often those that have chosen this route are left with branding that is weak and uninspired. What’s more, it can cost the one thing that is most precious. And once lost, is forever lost. That is time.

Time IS of the essence. And time IS money. And it’s never been truer than when it comes to DIY branding. The main reason we believe this to be actual. Is because a part of our clientele has come to us for our help, after trying a DIY option. Many of them in near tears. 

Lastly, just because one can attempt to design and develop a brand. Does not mean it’s a good idea. The fact is, most people attempting this are not trained and experienced designers. Unless of course, you actually are. If so, then pawesome! You do, you. You fabulous petpreneur, you. And it’s for very this reason that a DIY option may fit well.

Ultimately we’re not fans of DIY branding builds. With a large and growing part of our clientele coming from such failed attempts. We can attest to the vain nature of this type of pursuit. And hold to the belief that when it comes to branding and design, it’s best left to a professional.


We love designing and developing brands for pet industry professionals. We’re obsessed with it. Our premade branding kits are not only designed with this in mind. They are crafted for the sole purpose of being able to design openly and freely. To think that our love of design and the need to produce for the sake of it. Can work to serve others is the icing on our creative cake.


Now, before we delve into some of the benefits of premade branding for your pet business. We’d like to explain what premade branding kits are.

A premade branding kit is a completed and fully designed brand. An item that can, in part, be fitted to you. For example, when you select a premade brand kit of choice. The designer will then customize it with your business name, tagline, and/or any other included elements that need updating.



A premade brand kit can give you the ability to help advance your business at a fraction of the cost. While helping to garner and leverage your professional footing.


A premade brand offers you a professional design. It’ll also help to ensure that your brand has a more professional and curated style. Compared to that of a non-designer attempting to make on their own.


Investing in a premade brand is going to save you a LOT of time. Especially if you’re on your own attempting a DIY branding option. BYOB? BYOC!! B=build  Y=yourself  O=out of  C=chance.

So, if you are a pet business startup finding your footing. Or have a limited budget or are simply done with the DIY route. Yet aren’t quite ready to invest in a fully custom pet brand. Then a premade pet business branding kit, from Sniff Design Basics® can serve to be a great fit. Take a moment to sniff out some of them posted below.

Now, as a niche based pet branding design studio. We wanted to also cover a few reasons why a custom branding solution may be the better route.



When you work with a designer or creative agency. You will come away with a strategic brand design solely created with and for you.


Custom branding allows for room for revisions and refinement. This process is a collaboration between you and your designer. Since you know your business and the very nature of it, the best. Working one on one with a designer give you the ability to clearly and freely express your needs.


When you work with a designer or creative agency. You will come away knowing that your brand is 100% unique to your business.

So, if you a pet business ready to invest in a custom branding solution. Or your current brand isn’t quite conveying the high-end quality of the service(s), you now offer. Or if your pet business has grown but your pet branding hasn’t, then it’s time to work with Sniff Design Studio.

Click the button below and get your paws on more info regarding 3 custom and all-in-one branding package solutions. Ready? Set? Hi-ho! Let’s go!

No matter what type of branding you choose. Making a strategic decision for your business is always the best call you can make. And we hope that this here post has been able to help you access and decide upon which path is best suited.

After all, WE ARE and will continue to be in the business of helping people put their love of animals to work.

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