DIY chia pet halloween dog costume image

What’s orange, green all over, has eyes and walks? Why it’s a Chia Pet! Er…Chia Dog. So, this Halloween why not turn your pooch into the all famous Chia Pet? Not only is this costume adorable, ultra easy to make, but eco friendly too! So all last minute ‘pup mothers’ out there, like me, click here to get more details on how to creat this DIY costume. Or visit here, to see another tutorial on how to create comfortable harness that will hold up the little ‘potters’ legs.

•Dog sweater
•Dried sheet moss
•Orange felt fabric

First, use a glue gun or other adhesive to attach the sheet moss to the dog sweater (bonus points if you find a used one!). We recommend using moss because this biodegradable, organic material is much more eco-friendly than fake plastic plants, and it’s significantly lighter than sod.

Next, use the orange felt and muslin to create a set of plant pots for your pup’s legs. Viola!