6 Lessons In Branding From The Animal Kingdom For Your Pet Business

6 Lessons In Branding From The Animal Kingdom For Your Pet Business

In the competitive world of business, where every brand strives to stand out, even the animal kingdom has valuable insights to offer. From the majestic peacock flaunting its vibrant plumage to the playful dolphins creating waves of joy, animals have perfected the art of self-branding.

So, how can these 6 untamed wild lessons find their place within YOUR unique pet business? Let’s embark on a creative journey to harness their power. Translating them into a strategy that resonates with your brand. And captivates your audience, all while infusing a charming touch inspired by the world of animals.

Leopard graphic by Sniff Design Studio for fun lessons in branding from the wild animal kingdom blog post

#1 – Be Unique As A Leopard

Just as every leopard boasts its distinctive spots. Your pet business should embrace its own unique identity that stands out from the rest. And like the leopard’s spots. Let it serve as a symbol of its individuality. That will be reflected in your own branding. When encapsulating the essence of the business. For example, develop a logo. Or a custom color scheme. And tagline that encapsulate your brand’s personality. Whether your focus is on providing luxurious pet services. Or offering specialized products for pets. Let your branding shine a spotlight on the distinctive qualities. That make your business truly one-of-a-kind.

Distinctive Logo Design:  Create a logo that embodies the unique qualities of your pet business. Incorporate elements inspired by a leopard’s spots. Such as abstract patterns or shapes. This design approach not only makes your logo visually striking. But also immediately communicates the idea of uniqueness. Remember to ensure that the logo is versatile enough to be used across various platforms. From your website to social media profiles.

Vibrant Color Palette:  Develop a pawesome color palette that captures the essence of your pet business’s distinct identity. For example, you can draw inspiration from the vibrant colors found in the leopard’s natural habitat. Like considering earthy tones, rich browns, deep greens, and touches of warm orange. To evoke a sense of uniqueness and sophistication. Then work on applying your selected color palette consistently across your website. Social media posts and marketing materials. Will help establish a memorable visual identity.

Captivating Tagline Typography:  Craft a tagline that encapsulates your pet business’s unique selling proposition. Choose a typography style that reflects the bold yet elegant nature of a leopard. Opt for a font that stands out, combining sleek lines and distinctive letterforms. Integrate this typography into your logo and other branding materials. Ensuring that the tagline becomes an integral part of your business’s visual identity.

Remember, these design ideas are aimed at visually conveying your pet business’s uniqueness. Much like the leopard’s spots distinguish it in the wild. By incorporating these elements consistently across your branding. You’ll create a strong and memorable identity that sets your pet business apart.


Bear graphic by Sniff Design Studio for fun lessons in branding from the wild animal kingdom blog post

#2 – Express Your Message With Bear-Sized Impact

As a bear’s gentle growl communicates its presence in the wilderness. Your brand’s message should radiate approachability. Clearly define your business’s values, mission, and array of offerings. Craft a friendly and memorable slogan that captures the essence of your services. Whether you specialize in dog walking, pet photography. Or a boutique for pet accessories. Let your message resonate with a welcoming clarity. Leaving no doubt about the heartwarming and inherent care your pet business provides.

Welcoming Landing Page:  Create a visually appealing and user-friendly landing page for your website. Incorporate warm and inviting imagery that features happy pets or animals of choice. Use a color scheme that evokes feelings of comfort and approachability. Such as soft earthy tones or calming pastels. Another idea to ensure that your landing page communicates your brand’s values, mission, and offerings. Will be through the use of concise and engaging copy. After all, a well-designed landing page can make a powerful first impression. And encourage visitors to explore further. Or better yet? Book your services or buy your product. Oh-yeah. Paw-yeah!

Memorable Visible Branding:  Develop a visual branding style that reflects the approachable nature of a bear’s gentle/playful growl. For example, choose a friendly, trendy and easily readable font. As part of your brand’s name and slogan. And incorporate this across your website and social media profiles. As well as your marketing materials. Next thing you know? You’re reinforcing and building a memorable message. While also creating a recognizable and sought after branded identity.

Engagint Social Media Graphics:  Craft eye-catching and highly stylized graphics for your social media platform. To help capture the heartwarming essence of your pet business. Design shareable posts featuring adorable pets and owners enjoying your services or products. Include uplifting quotes. Or snippets from customer testimonials that emphasize the approachable and heartwarming nature of your brand. These graphics will not only resonate with your target audience. But also encourage them to engage and share your content. Now that’s sniff-tastic!

Applying these design ideas. Will help your pet business effectively express its message with beautiful and bear-size impact. Remember that a cohesive visual identity. Along with user-friendly web design and engaging social media graphics. Will all come together to work. In creating a long-held and lasting impression on your audience. And communicate the welcoming essence and ‘grrrrreatness’ of your brand.


Elephant graphic by Sniff Design Studio for fun lessons in branding from the wild animal kingdom blog post

#3 – Socialize Like Elephants

Elephants, known for their strong social bonds within their herds, offer an inspiring lesson for your pet business. Just as these majestic creatures work together harmoniously. Your business should harness the power of social media. Engage with fellow pet lovers, share heartwarming tales, and demonstrate your expertise. Foster an online community where pet enthusiasts can come together. United by their shared affection for animals. In the digital landscape, building meaningful connections reigns supreme!

Engaging Social Media Campaigns:  Produce a series of engaging social media campaigns. That reflect the sense of community and cooperation seen in elephant herds. Create captivating visuals that feature both pets and their owners, highlighting the bond they share. Use warm and inviting colors that evoke feelings of togetherness and connection. Encourage user-generated content by running contests. Or challenges that encourage pet owners to share their heartwarming pet stories. These campaigns will not only foster engagement. But also build a sense of community around your brand.

Interactive Online Forums or Groups:  Establish an online platform, such as a forum or a private social media group. Where pet enthusiasts can come together to discuss their furry friends. Or to pose questions, that you, as a pet business professional. Know how to answer ‘pawfectly’. This can even include, taking and using your own website’s built-in blog. How pawesome is that?

Design the platform with an elephant-inspired aesthetic. For example. By using images of well known animals that are highly communal, like dogs. Or other community minded mammals! To help visually represent the strong social bonds you aim to cultivate. Encourage discussions, share valuable pet insider industry insights, and facilitate connections among members. By creating a digital space for pet lovers to interact. You’ll reinforce the sense of community that like elephants. Are known for and loving inspire us to work towards.

Heartwarming Email Newsletters:  Craft a regular email newsletter that showcases heartwarming stories, pet care tips. And informative content that resonates with pet owners. For example. You can even design the newsletter with an elephant-themed template. Incorporating elephant illustrations or silhouettes. Use warm colors and a friendly font to create an inviting and approachable feel. Ooo! Consider including a section that highlights user-submitted photos and stories. Encouraging your subscribers to share their own experiences. A well-designed newsletter can establish a direct line of communication. And will reinforce the sense of unity and true connection among your audience.

Carrying out these ideas will allow your pet business to harness the power of social media. And online platforms. In order to create a sense of community, just like the strong social bonds found among elephants. And by fostering meaningful connections and providing engaging content. You’ll establish your brand as a hub. For pet enthusiasts to come together and share their love for animals.


Gazelle graphic by Sniff Design Studio for fun lessons in branding from the wild animal kingdom blog post

#4 – Leap Into A Consistency Like A Gazelle

Develop a cohesive visual identity. That reflects the graceful and consistent movement a gazelle, is, most often, known for. For example, choose a consistent color palette, typography, and design elements. That can be applied across all your branding materials. Such as a punch card, a key fob, interactive PDF newsletter or even a pet styled report card. Made custom to fit your business’s needs. Whether it’s your website, social media posts, or marketing materials. Maintaining a unified visual identity enhances your brand’s recognizability and professionalism.

Unified Visual Identity:  Develop a cohesive visual identity. That reflects the graceful and consistent movement a gazelle, is, most often, known for. For example, choose a consistent color palette, typography, and design elements. That can be applied across all your branding materials. Such as a punch card, a key fob, interactive PDF newsletter or even a pet styled report card. Made custom to fit your business’s needs. Whether it’s your website, social media posts, or marketing materials. Maintaining a unified visual identity enhances your brand’s recognizability and professionalism.

Content Calendar Planning:  Create a content calendar. That outlines your planned posts, updates, and promotions across all platforms. Just as a gazelle’s movements are predictable. Your consistent content will keep your audience engaged and informed. For example, design a set of templates for your social media posts. Or consider purchasing an editable template set. Enabling you to edit the colors and elements to match your brand. HINT: Canva templates can be one of the best and easiest to learn and use. Since they are a free online graphics editor. Their editing platform, is rather user-friendly. Make sure to incorporate your brand colors and logo. This will not only save you time. But also ensure that your messaging remains consistent and aligned with your brand’s identity. Paw-yeah!

Branded Templates & Guidelines:  Design a set of branded templates. And guidelines that can be easily adapted for different platforms. Create templates for social media graphics, blog posts. As well as a template for newsletters. All which can feature your logo, color palette, and typography. Provide clear guidelines to your team. Or any collaborators to ensure that your branding remains consistent across all touch-points. This will help maintain a polished and professional appearance. While saving time on design efforts.

Implementing these ideas will allow your pet business to embrace consistency. Much like the graceful movements of a gazelle. By establishing a unified visual identity. Planning your content in advance. And utilizing branded templates, you’ll reinforce your brand’s credibility and recognition. All while fostering a sense of trust and professionalism among your audience. Now that’s something to leap for joy.


Lion graphic by Sniff Design Studio for fun lessons in branding from the wild animal kingdom blog post

#5 – Instill Lion-Like Loyalty In Customer Relationships

Much like the lion’s unwavering commitment to its pride. Your pet business can prioritize building lasting customer relationships. Lions, known for their loyalty to their pride, offer a poignant example. Nurturing long-term connections. Will be a crucial for your business. Consider implementing loyalty programs. Providing discounts, or offering exclusive memberships to appreciate repeat customers. In other words. You efforts should be working to make. Your customers feel akin to an extended family within your brand’s pride.

Personalized Loyalty Cards:  Design personalized loyalty cards for your customers. Evoking the sense of belonging and camaraderie found within a lion’s pride. Create a card with an image of choice to symbolize loyalty and strength. Each time a customer makes a purchase or engages with your services. They can earn a stamp or digital point on their card. This not only encourages repeat business. But also fosters a direct sense of loyalty and connection with your brand.

Exclusive Online Memberhips:  Create an exclusive online membership program that offers special benefits to loyal customers. For, example, design a dedicated section on your website. Where members can access premium content, early product releases, printable coupons/discounts. Or members-only events. Create a visually appealing membership badge. Featuring an image of your choosing to signify their loyalty. This initiative will cultivate a sense of belonging. And encourage customers to stay engaged with your brand.

Personalized Thank-You Notes:  Send personalized thank-you notes to your repeat customers. Making them reminiscent of the care and appreciation you have for your loyal clients/customers. Design these notes with a decorative motif, using warm colors and friendly fonts. Express gratitude for their ongoing support and loyalty. And include a small token of appreciation, such as a discount code or a special offer. These personalized gestures will go a long ways. In making your customers feel valued. And will also strengthen their emotional connection with your brand.

By putting these ideas to practice. Your pet business can effectively instill lion-like loyalty within your customer relationships. Whether through personalized loyalty cards. Exclusive online memberships, or heartfelt thank-you notes. You’ll create a strong sense of community and trust. Making your customers feel like cherished members of your brand’s pride.


Panda Bear graphic by Sniff Design Studio for fun lessons in branding from the wild animal kingdom blog post

#6 – Foster Innovation Like Pandas

Much like the panda’s resourceful nature in finding and foraging for food. Your pet business can cultivate a culture of innovation. Pandas, known for their clever problem-solving and diligent work ethic, offer a valuable lesson. Embrace innovation by introducing fresh services, inventive product lines, or interactive experiences. Demonstrate to your customers that your business embodies the panda’s innovative mindset. Always striving to provide ingenious solutions. And novel experiences that caters to your customers/clients needs and desires.

Interactive Virtual Tours:  Create an interactive virtual tour of your pet business’s facility or store. Drawing inspiration from the panda’s inquisitive nature. Design an engaging and visually appealing online experience. Where customers can explore different sections of your business virtually. Incorporate interactive elements like clickable hotspots. That provide information about various products, services, or special features. This innovative approach allows customers to experience your business. From the comfort of their homes, showcasing your commitment to creative solutions.

Innovative Package Design:  Design unique and eco-friendly packaging for your pet products. Inspired by the panda’s resourceful behavior in their habitat. Utilize sustainable materials and incorporate panda-themed elements into the packaging. Consider including playful puzzles. Or DIY pet toys using the packaging itself. Encouraging an interactive and engaging experience for pet owners. This innovative packaging not only enhances the unboxing experience. But also aligns with your commitment to providing novel solutions.

Online Pet-Related Workshops:  Host online pet-related workshops. Or webinars that tap into the panda’s clever problem-solving tendencies. Design visually appealing presentation materials. That offer valuable insights on pet care, training, or other relevant topics. Incorporate interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions. To keep participants engaged. These online workshops not only position your pet business as an industry expert. But also provides an innovative platform for customers. To learn and engage with YOUR brand. Pawesome!!

By performing these ideas. Your pet business can foster innovation. From interactive virtual tours and unique packaging design to online pet workshops. You’ll showcase your dedication to providing inventive solutions. And memorable experiences for your customers.


So, there you have it! 6 fun, useful and unique. Lessons from the animal kingdom set to benefit your pet business’s branding success. Here’s a quick recap of these 6 pawesome lessons.

6 Lessons In Branding From The Animal Kingdom For Your Pet Business 1Be As Unique As A Leopard:

Your pet business should embrace its own unique identity that stands out from the rest.

6 Lessons In Branding From The Animal Kingdom For Your Pet Business 1

Socialize Like Elephants:

Just as these majestic creatures work together harmoniously, harness the power of similiar social interaction, like social media.

6 Lessons In Branding From The Animal Kingdom For Your Pet Business 1

Instill Lion-Like Loyalty In Customer Relationships:

Much like the lion’s unwavering commitment to its pride, your pet business can prioritize building lasting customer relationships.

6 Lessons In Branding From The Animal Kingdom For Your Pet Business 1

Express Your Message With Bear-Sized Impact:

Your brand’s message should radiate approachability and impact-ability.

6 Lessons In Branding From The Animal Kingdom For Your Pet Business 1

Leap Into Consistency Like A Gazelle:

Likewise, your branding efforts should maintain a consistent tone and style across all platforms.

6 Lessons In Branding From The Animal Kingdom For Your Pet Business 1

Foster Innovation Like Pandas:

Innovate and adapt. Embrace fresh ideas to keep your pet business soaring.

Remember, in the world of branding. And just like in the wild, a paw-sitive approach combined with a dash of creativity. Can make your pet business the alpha in the pack!

And last but not least. Like the lessons we’ve explored from our beloved and admired animal friends. We here at Sniff Design Studio. Understand the importance of uniqueness, loyalty, consistency, and innovation in YOUR pet business. In others words? With over 15+ years of professional and successful work. We’ve been specializing in turning creative ideas into reality. Ensuring your pet business radiates the essence of these lessons. 

From designing captivating logos and color palettes. To crafting engaging social media graphics and user-friendly websites and more! We’re here to make your pet business truly one-of-a-kind. So, if you’re interested. We’d love to help you infuse these powerful lessons. Right into your branding or re-branding strategy. With the goal of helping to cultivate and create a meaningful. And long-lasting memorable connection with YOUR audience. With our expertise. We’re certain that your pet business will roar with success! Radiate approachability, cultivate loyalty, foster innovation. And will wildly profit with purpose and on purpose.

Free Pet Business Branding Color Style Guide and Workbook Download by Sniff Design Studio
PDF preview for 80s Inspired Pet Branding Color Palette Series by Sniff Design Studio.

A FREE Practical & Actionable Branding Checklist!

An easy and de’tailed’ checklist of how to apply immediate, real world and truly actionable ideas. For you to take, use and profit from. Paw-yeah!

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A Bright & Fun Branding Color Palette for Your Pet Business Series – 80s Inspired

A Bright & Fun Branding Color Palette for Your Pet Business Series – 80s Inspired

In the captivating world of pet businesses. Nothing fetches attention quite like a distinct and visually appealing color palette. It’s the secret recipe to making your brand wag its tail, while leaving paw prints in hearts, and become the talk of the town. And what better way to achieve this than by tapping into the vibrant and energetic aesthetics of the 80s? Yip-yip yippee!

Join us on this paw-some journey and new tips and tricks branding series for fellow pet businesses. As we explore five compelling reasons why a 80s-inspired color palette can be a bark-tastic choice for your pet business.

Birdy GIFT for Sniff Design Studio

Reason 1 – Nostalgic Appeal While Making Heads Turn

The 80s evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. And incorporating this type of 80s-inspired color palette into your pet business. Can instantly connect with your audience. Nostalgia can create positive emotional associations, making your brand more relatable and memorable.

In other words. It might be fun to think of it, like this. In a crowded dog park of pet businesses. Having a unique color palette sets you apart like a Dalmatian amidst a sea of Labradors. The 80s offer a treasure trove of bold and eye-catching hues that will make tails wag and jaws drop. It’s time to unleash your pet business’s individuality and catch attention!


Birdy GIFT for Sniff Design Studio

Reason 2 – Eye-Catching & Memorable Vibrancy

The 80s were known for their bold and vibrant color schemes. By utilizing bright and energetic hues in your pet business. You can capture attention and make your brand visually engaging. These colors will help your products or services pop and stand out from the competition.

So, just like a favorite squeaky toy. Or a belly rub, a well-crafted color palette leaves an indelible mark on the minds of your customers. By harnessing the vibrant and nostalgic spirit of the 80s. You can create an unforgettable brand experience. One that’ll resonate with pet owners and forms a paw-sitive emotional connection. Prepare for endless tail wags and delightful purrs of satisfaction!


Birdy GIFT for Sniff Design Studio

Reason 3 – Evoke Energy, Excitement & Playfulness

Pets are all about fun and playfulness. So, the 80s aesthetic perfectly aligns with these characteristics. Incorporating a 80s-inspired color palette in your pet business’s brand. It can convey a sense of joy, excitement, and playfulness. Helping you connect with pet owners, who want to provide. A vibrant and lively environment for their furry friends.

With bright, energetic hues reminiscent of neon lights and disco balls. You can infuse your pet business with an electric and visual charge. That gets tails wagging, whiskers twitching, and paws tapping to the beat. Get ready for a wild dance party of colors!



Birdy GIFT for Sniff Design Studio

Reason 4 – Tap Into Versatility and Nostalgia While Warming Hearts

The 80s were an era of carefree fun and nostalgic memories. By incorporating a 80s-inspired colors. You tap into that warm nostalgia that makes hearts melt faster than a bowl of ice cream on a sunny day. Pet owners will be transported back to their childhoods, creating an instant bond with your brand. It’s a recipe for tail-wagging success!




Birdy GIFT for Sniff Design Studio

Reason 5 – Flexibility to Express Your Unique Brand Personality

Just like pets, your pet business has its own distinct personality. The 80s color palette offers a rainbow of options. That allows you to express your brand’s persona in a vibrant and versatile way. Whether you want to go for a retro vibe. A modern twist, or a mix of both. The 80s-inspired palette has the paw-some power to bring your brand’s personality to life. Which can work to help customers recognize. And remember your brand, giving you a competitive edge.




Wait! Don’t wander off, just yet. Sit, stay and sniff out our corresponding freebie.

Free Pet Business Branding Color Style Guide and Workbook Download by Sniff Design Studio
PDF preview for 80s Inspired Pet Branding Color Palette Series by Sniff Design Studio.


Hey there! We understand that herding a color palette. Can be as challenging as corralling a bunch of rambunctious kittens. It’s like trying to catch a frisky squirrel. Or uncover buried treasure in a sandbox—it can leave you feeling a little paw-plexed. You’re unsure about which colors to pick. How many hues to include, and how to make them play fetch harmoniously. Or how to create a palette that’s as unique as a one-of-a-kind fetch toy! But hold onto your leashes. Because we’ve got pawesome news that will make your tail wag with excitement! Creating a distinctive color palette doesn’t require magical pet powers—nope!

Get ready for a furry-tastic adventure. As we present you with this FREE branding color style guide + workbook. It’s packed with five helpful and visually captivating 80s-inspired coloring ideas and mini-exercises. That will make your creative endeavors bark with delight.

In other words. This handy FREEBIE is here to inspire your next colorful. And pet-tastic project for your pet business. And guess what? It’s certain to help you create an experience. That’ll leave tails wagging, hearts melting. And the competition begging for a play date.

Oh, last but not least. These ideas are purr-fectly tailored for those looking to brand. Or even, rebrand their pet business. So grab it now, before it’s gone! And hey! If you’d like to share how you’ve used this freebie via Facebook or Instagram. ‘Grrreat!’ Tag us, so we can see and help celebrate your creativity.

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10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business

Pet businesses are becoming more and more popular as pet ownership continues to increase. In order to stand out in a crowded market, pet businesses need to have a strong brand presence that sets them apart from their competitors. A custom branding package can provide pet businesses with the tools they need to effectively market themselves and attract high-paying customers.

For example, our custom branding package offers all the tools you need to effectively market your pet business and attract your ideal customers. Ready to elevate your brand? Check out our all-inclusive custom branding package for pet businesses by clicking here.

Or, get ready to discover the top 10 simple and budget-friendly ways to use your custom branding to grow your pet business. Via this blog post, aimed to help our fellow petpreneurs.

10 Easy & Affordable Ways A Pet Business Can Use Their Custom Branding:

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business


A custom website design that incorporates the pet business’s branding will give them a professional online presence and make it easier for customers to find information about their services.

PRO-TIP: For a successful pet business website, prioritize user experience (UX) in your custom website design. This means ensuring a positive and intuitive interaction for visitors through elements such as easy navigation, attractive graphics, and quick loading times. Hire a professional designer with UX experience to achieve this goal.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to promote the pet business and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

PRO-TIP: Since most business cards tend to be double-sided. Use both sides of your business card by placing your contact information on one side and a special promotion or referral discount for your clients or customers on the other. This way, you can effectively communicate your information while also providing added value to those who receive your card.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio

Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and custom branding will help the pet business stand out on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In fact, it’s where most people are online and where they go, to search out pet businsses like yours!

PRO-TIP: Social media is not just about promoting your products or services, but also about establishing a connection with your followers. By consistently engaging with your audience through likes, comments, and shares, you can build trust and loyalty, which can lead to more business opportunities and referrals. Additionally, regularly posting relevant and valuable content, such as tips and advice related to pet care, can help position your business as a trusted and knowledgeable resource in the pet industry.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio


Brochures can provide customers with detailed information about the pet business’s services and can be used as promotional materials at events or as handouts to potential customers.

PRO-TIP: Maximize the back portion of your material by creating a perforated custom branded bookmark or an exclusive coupon. This adds a fun and unique touch to your branding and is sure to be a hit with your customers. It’s pawsome!

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio


Signage is a powerful marketing tool that can help your pet business attract attention and promote your brand within the local community. When designed to be unique and eye-catching, it can leave a lasting impression every time someone drives by, serving as a constant friendly reminder of your business’s presence

PRO-TIP: Make sure your signage accurately reflects your brand. Custom signage is a powerful marketing tool that can help you stand out and attract attention. But in order for it to be effective, it needs to accurately reflect your brand. This means using consistent colors, fonts, and imagery that align with your overall brand identity. Your signage should also clearly communicate the services or products you offer and the unique value you provide.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio

Email Signatures

Custom email signatures can be an effective way to promote your pet business and establish a professional image for all communications sent from your business. By creating a custom email signature, you can include important information about your business, such as your logo, contact information, website, and social media links. This allows you to promote your brand with every email you send and ensures that your email correspondence has a consistent, professional look. Additionally, custom email signatures can serve as a subtle but effective marketing tool by promoting your business every time you send an email, making it an easy and cost-effective way to reach a wider audience and increase brand recognition.

PRO-TIP: Include a call to action to turn every email into an opportunity to promote the business and drive more engagement with your brand.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio

Stickers and Magnets

Add some extra “paw-some” flair to your pet business’s marketing efforts with custom stickers and magnets! These little extras can be used as a fun giveaway to customers, or as a creative and eye-catching promotional tool. So go ahead, let your brand stick around and make a lasting impression!

PRO-TIP: Make them practical. By creating stickers and magnets that serve a practical purpose, such as labeling pet supplies or tracking vaccinations, you can give your customers a useful item that they are more likely to keep and use on a regular basis. This not only helps you promote your business every time the item is used, but also helps build brand recognition and loyalty.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio

Promotional Products

Custom promotional products like keychains, t-shirts, or hats can help the pet business promote their brand and give customers a tangible reminder of the business.

PRO-TIP: Use t-shirts or hats as merchandise items. By selling branded clothing items to your clients or customers, you can provide them with a convenient and stylish way to show their support for your business. Choose items that are high-quality, comfortable, and attractive, and feature your branding prominently to ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure. You can also offer special promotions or discounts to customers who purchase your merchandise, which can help encourage sales and increase brand recognition. By offering a range of t-shirts and hats, you can cater to different preferences and styles, making it easy for customers to find a item they love and want to wear.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio

Vehicle Wraps

A custom vehicle wrap is a great way for pet businesses to increase brand awareness and create a lasting impression on the local community. Not only does it provide a unique and eye-catching design, but it also gives the business the opportunity to advertise their services while they are on the move.

PRO-TIP: Use vehicle wraps to turn your business’s vehicles into mobile marketing tools. Consider incorporating fun and unique designs such as a life-sized puzzle, quiz, or riddle to attract attention and stand out from competitors. This not only showcases the creative side of the business, but it also increases brand visibility in the community. This is one ‘pawesome’ cost-effective advertising opportunity to reach your local audience while making a lasting and unique impression.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio

Blog Posts

Crafting custom blog posts that reflect your pet business’s unique brand and voice can help position your company as a thought leader in the industry and attract potential clientele/customers. By sharing your expertise, industry insights, and offering valuable tips and advice, you can engage and build trust with your target audience, setting the foundation for long-lasting business relationships. So why not get creative, have fun, and start blogging today!

PRO-TIP: Stay focused on topics that are relevant and valuable to your audience. For example, you can write about pet care tips, the latest industry news, or customer success stories. Also, try to keep posts concise and visually appealing by using subheadings, images, and bullet points to break up text and highlight key points. And don’t forget to include calls to action to encourage engagement and drive conversions.

In summary..

By using these custom branding materials, pet businesses can solidify their professional presence and demonstrate their value to potential customers. By attracting high-paying customers, the pet business can increase their revenue and grow their business. Investing in custom branding is a smart choice for any pet business looking to make a lasting impact in their market.

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business by Sniff Design Studio

What do you think?

Are you utilizing any of the items from the above list in your pet business branding efforts? Or do you feel the need for additional materials to strengthen your brand presence? If so, don’t hesitate to send in a bark, meow or tweet.

Alternatively, consider browsing through our selection of pet business tools listed below. These tools will aid you in elevating your branding efforts and leaving a lasting impact in the market. Take action today to ‘make your mark and bark’! Paw-yeah!

10 Easy & Affordable Branding Tips and Tricks To Immediately Boost Your Pet Business FREE checklist download by Sniff Design Studio

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Custom vs Premade Pet Business Branding: Which One is Right For You?

Custom vs Premade Pet Business Branding: Which One is Right For You?

Here at Sniff Design Studio®. We’ve long held close to our opinion that custom branding is not only the best option. It’s the only option. Our ongoing pursuit continues to be. Centering this remote design agency to help pet business professionals to uniquely build and brand themselves.

So, you may be surprised. To read that we also believe, that not every pet business needs a custom brand to start. In fact, we’d say that for a brand new burgeoning business, opting for a premade brand can be a fulfilling option.

After all, we understand the inherent desire to focus on one’s branding efforts. And that is why. We decided to design and develop semi-custom done-for-you pet business branding kits. Now available via our sister company: Sniff Design Basics®. Also, what makes these kits semi-custom is that they’re sold only once. Pretty neat, huh?

Wait a minute! I thought you only offered custom branding for the pet industry niche market.

You’re right! For quite some time we’ve chosen to do that. Yet, here are a few reasons why we have chosen to make this new type of branding service available.



The ever-changing and ever-growing nature of the pet industry. And the nature of professional needs stemming from it. And the main need we’ve encountered is the need for a professional brand identity. Alas, not all startups or small businesses can or are ready to invest in a fully-fledged branding option. Yet their desire to stand out is strong. They too deserve a brand that will help them find and fulfill their place in the industry.


In the past couple of years, we’ve noticed a huge shift in some technological advances. For example. There are now online programs and/or apps that have made a way to design and develop one’s own branding. This is known as DIY branding. Also, known as Build Your Own Branding – (BYOB).

While at first, it may seem like a good idea and an easy thing to do. Most often those that have chosen this route are left with branding that is weak and uninspired. What’s more, it can cost the one thing that is most precious. And once lost, is forever lost. That is time.

Time IS of the essence. And time IS money. And it’s never been truer than when it comes to DIY branding. The main reason we believe this to be actual. Is because a part of our clientele has come to us for our help, after trying a DIY option. Many of them in near tears. 

Lastly, just because one can attempt to design and develop a brand. Does not mean it’s a good idea. The fact is, most people attempting this are not trained and experienced designers. Unless of course, you actually are. If so, then pawesome! You do, you. You fabulous petpreneur, you. And it’s for very this reason that a DIY option may fit well.

Ultimately we’re not fans of DIY branding builds. With a large and growing part of our clientele coming from such failed attempts. We can attest to the vain nature of this type of pursuit. And hold to the belief that when it comes to branding and design, it’s best left to a professional.


We love designing and developing brands for pet industry professionals. We’re obsessed with it. Our premade branding kits are not only designed with this in mind. They are crafted for the sole purpose of being able to design openly and freely. To think that our love of design and the need to produce for the sake of it. Can work to serve others is the icing on our creative cake.


Now, before we delve into some of the benefits of premade branding for your pet business. We’d like to explain what premade branding kits are.

A premade branding kit is a completed and fully designed brand. An item that can, in part, be fitted to you. For example, when you select a premade brand kit of choice. The designer will then customize it with your business name, tagline, and/or any other included elements that need updating.



A premade brand kit can give you the ability to help advance your business at a fraction of the cost. While helping to garner and leverage your professional footing.


A premade brand offers you a professional design. It’ll also help to ensure that your brand has a more professional and curated style. Compared to that of a non-designer attempting to make on their own.


Investing in a premade brand is going to save you a LOT of time. Especially if you’re on your own attempting a DIY branding option. BYOB? BYOC!! B=build  Y=yourself  O=out of  C=chance.

So, if you are a pet business startup finding your footing. Or have a limited budget or are simply done with the DIY route. Yet aren’t quite ready to invest in a fully custom pet brand. Then a premade pet business branding kit, from Sniff Design Basics® can serve to be a great fit. Take a moment to sniff out some of them posted below.

Now, as a niche based pet branding design studio. We wanted to also cover a few reasons why a custom branding solution may be the better route.



When you work with a designer or creative agency. You will come away with a strategic brand design solely created with and for you.


Custom branding allows for room for revisions and refinement. This process is a collaboration between you and your designer. Since you know your business and the very nature of it, the best. Working one on one with a designer give you the ability to clearly and freely express your needs.


When you work with a designer or creative agency. You will come away knowing that your brand is 100% unique to your business.

So, if you a pet business ready to invest in a custom branding solution. Or your current brand isn’t quite conveying the high-end quality of the service(s), you now offer. Or if your pet business has grown but your pet branding hasn’t, then it’s time to work with Sniff Design Studio.

Click the button below and get your paws on more info regarding 3 custom and all-in-one branding package solutions. Ready? Set? Hi-ho! Let’s go!

No matter what type of branding you choose. Making a strategic decision for your business is always the best call you can make. And we hope that this here post has been able to help you access and decide upon which path is best suited.

After all, WE ARE and will continue to be in the business of helping people put their love of animals to work.

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Using Canva for DIY Pet Branding and Design For Pet Businesses

Using Canva for DIY Pet Branding and Design For Pet Businesses

Back in the day, if you wanted to be able to DIY when it came to related graphic design for your pet business. It was quite hard. That is unless you were able to use a professional graphics program. Or for that matter, had formal training in both design and programming. Now, with the innovation of Canva, this has made the DIY capability become a reality.

So, what is Canva you ask? It’s a design and drag-and-drop platform. Giving users the ability to create and edit things like social media graphics, online presentations, posters, and more. Even better? It’s FREE. Oh-yeah Paw-yeah! Since this application is available online – this means that you don’t have to download a thing. Create a free account, log in and get-in.

In fact, here are 4 awesome Canva DIY design ideas to put in place and market your pet business.



Using Canva for DIY Pet Branding and Design For Pet Businesses 8

It’s never been easier to connect, engage and advertise your pet business to a worldwide audience. With Canva’s library of pre-made templates, you’ll find an array of selections to chose from. And no matter the social media platform you’ll be able to create socials for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Do you need more in-depth help with getting tailored social media graphics for your pet brand? Come and sniff out our Pet Passport Program. This monthly graphics program offers a ready-made solution for busy petpreneurs. Put the power of a design studio behind your business and let us help you fly with success.

Pet Business Design Tip:
To keep these graphics in tune with your brand, make sure to use the same colors as assigned. Not sure what they are or don’t have a specific color palette in mind? Sniff out these pet color palettes for further inspiration.

Book Custom + Done For You 12 Month Social Media Graphics Kit:

‘Pawfect’ for those already familiar with Canva. But who would like an extra hand and the added benefit of getting a custom created set of social media graphics. That will be exclusively branded to both business and online marketing goals.

12 done for your pre-made Canva design templates. Based on your logo, colors, and established brand aesthetics
An online video training tutorial showing how to edit and best use this kit to your full advantage
A list of the top 25 and best kept secret #petbusiness hashtags

Best of all? This kit can last for years to come. Giving you the best and long-lasting creative solution. Saving you time, energy, effort, planning and money! All while helping to ease your day-to-day or weekly social media goals. In other words. Get one and done! Get one and won!



Using Canva for DIY Pet Branding and Design For Pet Businesses 9

Business cards are still one of the most memorable and tangible items a pet business can use.

Once in Canva and select the “business card” design type and then select from their library of layouts. Add in your content of choice and pictures and then viola! You now have a fab…er ‘furbulous’ card on hand.

Pet Business Design Tip:
Use the front side for your contact info. Use the backside as a client discount or referral coupon. Viola! You now have two-in-one uses.

Book Custom Business Card Design:

Would you rather save time, effort and energy by having us a design your business card? ‘Pawfect!’ So, not only is this a great option for those already familiar with Canva. It will give you the ability to take control of the business card by allowing you to edit or update it at anytime. As well as send it directly into Canva, for them to print.

That’s right! Canva.com, now offers all its users the ability to get their items professionally printed. And with their current pricing for business card. The average cost for 50 card count will be $11.00. And for 100 card count, the cost will be about $22. Awesome-pawesome! How amazing is that?!

2 or 1 sided business card Canva template. Based on your logo, colors, and established brand aesthetics
An online video training tutorial showing how to edit, update and send in the card to be prined by Canva

Best of all? Since you will have full editing control over this brand asset. You’ll be able to change it in just about any way you see fit. For all current and future business need and/or extra employee related add-ons. Viola!



Using Canva for DIY Pet Branding and Design For Pet Businesses 10

With several pre-made Canva layouts to select from, you’ll be able to create a poster all your own. This can serve as a great tool for you to advertise your pet-related services. Once done you’ll have the option of saving it as a print-ready file to download and print. Or send in and have Canva print them for you. Super easy. Superbly furry fun.

Pet Business Design Tip:
KISS your poster – (Keep It Simple Silly). Keep the poster’s composition simple. These tend to be the most beautiful and memorable. Only use content that is essential. And create an elegant and sophisticated piece to help you stand out from the pack. 

Book Custom Poster or Rack Card (Mini-Flyer 4×9 in) Design:

Would you rather save time, effort and energy by having us a design this item? ‘Pawfect!’ Not only is this a great option for those already familiar with Canva. It will give you the ability to take control of this item by allowing you to edit or update it at anytime. As well as send it directly into Canva, for them to print.

That’s right! Canva.com, now offers all its users the ability to get their items professionally printed. And with their current pricing for a growing collection of print collateral. You will find that the cost of getting these items printed, will be pennies on the dollar. For example, getting a small 12 x 16 in poster will currently cost about $6 for one copy. Or 5 copies, the cost to print this quantity will be about $30. And for a large 21 x 28in poster getting printed, currently costs about $38.00 for 5 copies. The cost of getting rack cards printed, start at about $23 for 50 copies. Or $35.00 for 100 copies. Oh-yeah! Paw-yeah!


1 Poster (1 sided) or Rack Card Design (2 sided). Based on your logo, colors, and established brand aesthetics
An online video training tutorial showing how to edit, how to edit and send in the card to be prined by Canva

Best of all? Since you will have full editing control over this brand asset. You’ll be able to change it in just about any way you see fit. For all current and future business needs. Viola!



Using Canva for DIY Pet Branding and Design For Pet Businesses 11

Lead magnets are one of the best ways to grow your email list. Or for garnering and maintaining regular visitor traffic to your website or pet blog. These are freebies that one can create to attract more leads. Wanna know the best thing about freebies? Not only is it another great way to draw in and keep your audience’s attention. It also works to keep em’ coming back for more interesting and helpful goodies.

Pet Business Design Tip:
Create a tip n’ tricks or informational checklist. This is great if you’re doing a lot of ‘how-to-posts’ or page related info on your web site. Or if you’re teaching a set of specific topics. That you can extend by creating this type of information to be a free download. Or as a free set of informational graphics. So, for example:

– Great for dog-trainers wanting to share training or pet behavorial related tips

– For pet sitters wanting to share a free downloadable pet sitting report card, clients can use. Once they have booked for said service(s)

– For pet walkers wanting to share downloadable client onboarding F.A.Q. checklist

– For pet boutiques creating a lead magnet covering teaching customers new food training tips and tricks

Book Custom Business Lead Magnet Design:

Would you rather save time, effort and energy by having us a design your lead magnet? ‘Pawfect!’ So, not only is this a great option for those already familiar with Canva. It will give you the ability to take control of the lead magent by allowing you to edit or update it at anytime.


1 Lead Magnet Canva template. Based on your logo, colors, and established brand aesthetics
An online video training tutorial showing how to edit, update and download your digital goodie.

Best of all? Since you will have full editing control over this brand asset. You’ll be able to change it in just about any way you see fit. For all current and future business needs. Viola!

Using Canva for DIY Pet Branding and Design For Pet Businesses 12

In fact, Sniff Design has been favoring Canva so much, that we are now including Canva templates in our store. Here in our resource store, you’ll find a growing collection of pet design templates. For example, you’ll find such items as pet sitting and pet grooming report cards. Pet social media graphic bundles – (both pre-made and  Canva template-based). Here at Sniff Design Studio, we love developing and designing new creative solutions. And in particular, fun DIY solutions.

Are there any pet business designs that you’d like to see us add to our online store? If so, let us know and drop a comment below. 

Using Canva for DIY Pet Branding and Design For Pet Businesses 13


Last but not least, we’ll soon be launching an exclusive and new DIY Canva pet biz graphics program: Paw-N-Play. A plug-in-play social media and branding program providing a one-time and one-stop solution for your marketing and promotional efforts.

Putting Your Best Paw Forward – Part 2 of Pet Business Branding & Marketing with ‘Hey Joe Pet Podcast’

Putting Your Best Paw Forward – Part 2 of Pet Business Branding & Marketing with ‘Hey Joe Pet Podcast’

We’re back! Sniff Design is a guest expert on the “Hey Joe!” podcast; a series dedicated to helping to teach, and educate fellow pet professional by pet professionals. This pawsome podcast is by world renown Paragon School of Pet Grooming. Listen to our latest discussion as we go over how to find and vet the right creative service for YOUR business. We cover additional pet business branding and marketing related topics such as:




In this episode listen to us continue the discussion of the importance and various components of branding and marketing for pet businesses. After all groomers strive to create beautiful results, but may forget to give this same kind of love and detail to their own branding. Listen in to find out how easy it can be to implement branding and design into your pet grooming business.

Pawesome Podcast Transcript

Announcer: Welcome to Hey Joe, a podcast answering questions asked by our listeners, created by pet professionals for pet professionals. And now, your host, Hey Joe’s very own Joe Zuccarello.

Joe Zuccarello: What’s up everyone. Joe Zuccarello here. Welcome to Hey Joe, a podcast brought to you by Paragon School of Pet Grooming. Check out our site at ParagonPetSchool.com for lots of really cool information on a variety of programs, products and to connect to educational resources such as webinars, podcasts, current events, special news, certifications, and lots of other helpful information to help you grow yourself, your team, and of course your business.Let’s get started with this week’s episode.

Hey, everyone. This is Joe Zuccarello, your host on the Hey Joe podcast. This is a podcast where you get to listen in on a real coaching call between myself and a pet industry expert. Again, most of these experts are brought to you by as a result of actually your questions that you submit to us. So, be sure to submit your questions to HeyJoeQuestions@ParagonPetSchool.com, and we will hopefully be able to round up some experts to answer your questions in the future.

We are joined today again by Monica Cevallos. Monica is the owner of Sniff Design. I say Sniff, S-N-I-F-F as in dog nose Sniff Design. She’s a branding and design expert. She specializes in the marketing efforts and branding, and logo creation for pet industry professionals such as yourself. Again, if you’re like most of the groomers that are there, this skill kind of eludes us. We might be really good at what we do, whether it’s grooming, or whether it’s sales.

I don’t care what skill you might have, but most of us don’t have the special gift necessary to create our own marketing and branding materials. But Monica and her team at Sniff Design do. Bigger than that, Monica’s providing some really great downloads that you can go to ParagonPetSchool.com and unlock those free downloads right now. You can go there and unlock those. One of those is a checklist where you can use this checklist if you’re interviewing folks that might have similar skills to Monica, or that Monica does if you choose to use somebody other than Monica.
Anyway, she’s going above and beyond providing a free download to us. So, listen in. I’d like to say buckle up because she covers a lot of ground. She’s just a really cool individual. Without further ado, here we go.
Hey Monica, welcome back to the Hey Joe podcast.

Monica Cevallos: Thank you so much for having me. It’s a pleasure to be back.

Joe Zuccarello: I say welcome back, because Monica is a repeat guest to the Hey Joe podcast. If you have not listened to the previous episode from Monica, I definitely recommend that you go back and listen to that. That first episode is Branding and Design. The reason I recommended her to the Hey Joe listener audience, and I have to go back and listen to that, because Monica does a great, great job of defining what is branding, and what is design.
We’ve been kind of getting into the weeds a little bit, when we start talking about different executables and different ways of carrying that off like website and business cards, and even something that I kind of dubbed “the brand mirror.” I’m not going to tell you what it is. Go find out what it is. Go back to episode one and keep your ears open for the brand mirror. It might be scary, but I definitely recommend doing that.

Monica, thanks again for hopping on a podcast with us. I know that the first episode was met with some really great, great positive reception, and I can’t wait now to kind of take the Hey Joe listener audience to the next step. If for whatever reason you’re one of those folks out there that want to just kind of hop in and listen to episode two first, okay that’s fine.

Let me remind you about who Monica is. I just did it on the intro a little bit, but if you want to follow along, you can go to SniffDesign.com and check out her website or portfolio, and everything that she has to offer in that regard. Today, Monica’s going to be talking to us about how to look for and find, and even vet- not vet like veterinarian- but vet like qualify the right creative service or service provider, a creative provider for your business.
Monica, how are you doing and what’s going on at Sniff?

Monica Cevallos: I’m doing good. Sniff Design is doing great. We are taking on lots of projects, doing branding for various clientele. We’ve since launched a brand new social media monthly graphics program too. Things are going well.

Joe Zuccarello: That’s great. That’s great. One really great part is, is in our first episode you had also provided a branding starter checklist, which our podcast listener audience could go and look at, download, use. Now, we’re going to be talking about, okay what do you do next? Let’s say it’s our audience, and somebody’s out there and they say, “Okay, I am ready to hire out for my creative needs, but I don’t know even what I’m looking for, or who I’m looking for.”
How do we start them through that process?

Monica Cevallos: I will start off by giving you five reasons why it’s good to go with someone who is a professional for your creative needs. First and foremost, they’re going to save time because as a business owner, your time is invaluable. Joe talked about that a little bit in the last podcast about if you try too much of it yourself, you may not know what you’re doing and ultimately you end up wasting time and that’s something that we all, once spent, can’t get back.

Joe Zuccarello: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Monica Cevallos: Second, it saves money because again, doing it right the first time around will be just that. It’s done right. Third is this person that’s going to be going to work for you, they’re going to know how to make you stand out from the pack. They are going to know what questions to ask, what things that they are going to need from you, and really help you flush out what is really needed in terms of the branding and/or the design for your business. Fourth, you’re going to make an overall better first impression because you’re going to have professionally created designs. That’s just quick for number four. Last is, you’re going to get the logo and/or the branding that you want. Again, that’s because creative professionals, we’re trained to take your vision and bring it to life.

Joe Zuccarello: Maybe we’ll unpack a couple of these just real quickly. Of course, I would have probably leaped to the assumption that maybe saving time and saving money. But that’s because you specialize in the pet industry. Maybe one reason why they might consider using you and your team. Let’s say they have somebody that they want to use or whatever. No matter who they use, if they find a professional that kind of checks all the boxes and you’re going to give us guidance to maybe what profile might look like to help them, but the Hey Joe listener audience out there versus doing it yourself.
I’ll tell you, I’m guilty of trying to pretend that I can learn graphic design. I went out and I bought Photoshop. I bought a better phone with a better camera. I had all the great intentions, but I will tell you what, that is definitely not one of my superpowers. My guess is, probably not a superpower of our listener audience. There’s probably some of you that it’s your superpower, but I would think for the vast majority for our listeners, it’s not your superpower.
So, yeah you’re going to save time and money even though you’re spending money to have this done. You’re definitely saving time and money if this is what you’re ready to do. If you’re ready to move forward with it. The two topics that I’d like to unpack just briefly was better first impression. We are a society, I like to call it a “point and click” society. We want to be satisfied immediately. We want immediate gratification, and sometimes that immediate gratification is ruined, or we don’t even get the chance to connect with somebody because they have a bad first impression of us.
If it’s your design, if it’s your logo, if it’s the colors you choose, those types of things can… You can lose a relationship before you even realize you might have had one to start, right?

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, first impressions are not just immediate impressions. They’re lasting impressions. So, you’ve kind of lost on a twofold there if it’s not good. Immediately, you lose the audience and in long term, they’re not going to come back. So, that extends long term.

Joe Zuccarello: Again, the logo and the branding you want. In the first episode, we kind of talked about those of us that went to high school, which is probably most of us, and some of us went to college, we have this allegiance- even sometimes them is fighting words- between certain college football teams, just because of the colors or the logos that they wear, the mascots they wear. When otherwise, if they’re just walking around the mall, they might have the best [inaudible 00:10:00] relationship with somebody.
Well, you start tying them to something they can grasp on to, and it becomes emotional. It becomes them. It becomes an extension of their identity. To your point, and tip number five which is you get the logo and the branding that you want, that you can align with, it can be you. If it can’t be you, then it’s not right. You can’t force some things. I have a saying that we through around at Paragon, is “Force equals failure.”
If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right. So, branding and a logo, is that person, that [inaudible 00:10:35]. Would you agree?

Monica Cevallos: Yes, I would agree. Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal more than people realize. It’s immediate results, and it’s lasting results, and long term results. I think you end up paying more if you don’t opt to choose a professional creative of choice than versus doing it later down the road. Your business changes, and you never know what’s going to be needed, what’s going to happen, how you’re going to grow, or how quickly you’re going to grow.
What if you are all of the sudden so booked out? It’s a six month wait list. How are you going to deal with your branding then if it’s not already done? You’re going to have to go back and redo, and spend more money as a result.

Joe Zuccarello: Right, nobody ever wants to kind of go back and have a redo. One could be great, but the whole kit and caboodle, the whole picture could even be better. It just tells a longer story. We’ve referenced this in the first episode saying that it’s like a book with multiple chapters, but you only have one chapter to read. So it’s just a piece of it. When we talk about, specific to logos and such, because logo is maybe the anchor. The anchor in your brand might be the logo. I know that you’ve got some really great logo examples on SniffDesign.com.
Again guys, go check it out. I think some of them are really cute. Some of them are funny. Some of them are classy. It all kind of depends on the personality of the business owner or the business, right?

Monica Cevallos: Absolutely.

Joe Zuccarello: But when it comes to logos, there are… What about costs? Cost considerations. When folks are selecting to hire a professional to design their logo, are there some guardrails, some reasons why you might recommend that they hire it out versus kind of finding a generic logo or trying something on their own?

Monica Cevallos: To start, here are three reasons to hire a professional for your logo. First, is its best for owners that are wanting to place an emphasis on a unique logo, and they’re looking for one that’s created just for them and them alone. It’s also great for those looking to level up their business, aka branding efforts. In other words, those who want to establish a timeless and lasting brand, they want to get the details right the first time. Third and final is, it’s great for owners that are looking to have a solid following or want to rebrand entirely.
Basically, it’s about customization. Like, how custom do you want this to be? How unique do you want this to be? Do you need to know that once this is created, it’s only for you and your use and that’s it? Pre-made logos, those can be a good option too, especially if you are somebody who has a puppy budget.

Joe Zuccarello: I love that term.

Monica Cevallos: A puppy budget, yes. Secondly, if you need something fast. You’re just like, “Okay, we’re ready to go. I’ve got less than 48 hours, or 72 years,” or what have you. They need it fast. Thirdly, if they’re good at looking for the right person, for the right company for this, they can find what they’re looking for without having to go through any alterations of some sort. In other words, it’s like, “I found it. Good to go. Awesome.”

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah, and then try laying in the name of your business into there, and kind of figure out a font that will match. You start kind of Frankenstein-ing some things together. Quite frankly, again I’m just going to say it from my perspective, it never turns out the way that I have it in my head because I just don’t have that gift. I don’t have that ability. I like to call them superpowers. I don’t have that superpower.
So, I’m going to hire it out. There’re some options. There’re some options to hire it out. There’s companies like yourself at Sniff Design. There’s the Monicas out there. But then there are, and we’ll probably have to leave the names out of the podcast, but there are some Internet providers. There are some dotcoms out there where you can hire for $30.00-$40.00, sometimes $5.00, somebody to do some freelance work for you through an Internet. Somebody you’ve probably never talked to and such.
Is there really a difference between that type of business and a professional designer? Where can you take us with that?

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, there’s a real big difference in that…

Joe Zuccarello: Not all of them are bad. Some of them can probably create some decent work, right?

Monica Cevallos: Sure.

Joe Zuccarello: If you’ve got puppy budgets, it’s probably the least that you can even imagine having, but if you’ve less than a puppy budget, if you’ve got a dog hair budget, I don’t know. You don’t even have the puppy.

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, a little newborn.

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah, newborn budget right? But it comes with some caution.

Monica Cevallos: It does, yeah. Just some things to consider is some of these places, they don’t really vet who’s coming to work for them. A lot of these people, if they have a computer and some software, really consider themselves designers. If you just take some time to really look at the work, it’s going to be clear that they’re not because they’re really bad. They don’t have a grasp of the basics when it comes to design. I think that’s something that’s really important. If you’re willing to invest any money at all, at least make sure this person that’s going to be providing this type of service will have an understanding of the basics, and then can showcase it in their portfolio.

A lot of these places, because there’s such a massive amount of people coming there to find work, it’s automated. It’s not always easy to reach out and talk to somebody, or to communicate openly, or during your hours. A lot of these places, the people come from the other side of the world, and that also leads to cultural differences that you can find that may become a barrier. The last is, just speaking from personal experience, they tend to have a lot of work that has been stolen. Numerous times, I have found the work for Sniff Design Studio stolen and used on there, and I’ve had to really become a pit bull and really get them by their throat and say, “Hey, you need to remove this.”

Joe Zuccarello: Really?

Monica Cevallos: So again-

Joe Zuccarello: Oh, I never even thought about them taking and pirating, if you would, somebody else’s stuff.

Monica Cevallos: They’re notorious, unfortunately. Again, it’s been difficult to get these people, once removed, to not come back and do it all over again. Again, it has to do with the automation of it, how many people are on there. It’s just sort of a conglomeration of a mess if you will.

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah, trying to track them down and keep them from coming back. It’s like that old carnival game, Whack-A-Mole, right?

Monica Cevallos: Yeah.

Joe Zuccarello: They surface over here, and as soon as you address them over here, before you know it, it’s happening over here. I mean you could probably spend full-time work trying to track them down. I’ll tell you an interesting personal story. During one of my moments of weakness, I thought, “Well, I’m just going to hire out to one of these dotcoms.” I struggled even providing the information to them, because I didn’t know necessarily what would help them. They wanted me to tell them my story and give information, but they didn’t hold my hand through the process.
I know one of the really cool things you’re going to provide to the Hey Joe listener audience is a checklist. We’re going to talk about that in a minute. But I didn’t have any of that. After I thought I did a decent job, I guess, of telling them within… And this is what’s really crazy, is nothing was by telephone. Everything’s typing, and everything is on an Internet and I have to within 1200 words, which seems like a lot, but shoot if you read the transcripts of any of these podcasts, an hour podcast, a 45 minute podcast is thousands of words long.

Monica Cevallos: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Joe Zuccarello: I couldn’t tell them my story, and they couldn’t learn from me. They couldn’t know who I really was versus… Sometimes I have a hard time typing. Not typing, like physically typing, but conveying my thoughts through words in type to properly help them. Knowing of course, by reading their names or whatever, and also knowing that there might have been a language, translation or cultural barrier there that complicated things. Anyway, back to personal story.

I got a creative piece back. It was supposed to be like this sales flyer or whatever. On the surface I’m like, “Oh, it’s pretty good.” I went to print it, and there was this shadow in the artwork. I’m like, “What is that?” It was a watermark, and they had I guess purposely try to mask the watermark, but did a poor job at that too, so I could see it on there. Now, I guess buyer beware, but boy I was turned off after that. It’s unfortunate because I know everybody’s out there trying to make a dollar for themselves, but goodness gracious. Be careful, right?

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, and also again keep in mind they’re looking for generic jobs. This isn’t somebody that’s going to take the time to learn about you or to learn about your business, who probably doesn’t even understand what goes on with the pet industry, what’s most relevant right now, what’s trending, what’s not, things like that. That’s something I think is one of the biggest points, is these people are not going to have the kind of care that somebody I think here or even locally will have and be able to convey and work with you on.

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah, I completely agree. Let’s talk about a couple of things. We’re going to get down to some nitty gritty that maybe the audience can use, and just sort of a reminder to the Hey Joe listener audience out there, who are we talking to? We’re talking to Monica from Sniff Designs. You can check out her work at SniffDesigns.com. Monica is just a branding and design expert, but bigger than that, she’s specific to the pet industry. She gets you. She understands who you are already before you even talk to her.

Think about what that might save you in the learning curve of maybe vetting a branding or design expert. Monica’s going to give you information that you can go out to use to find any branding or design expert. She’s going to help guide you along the way that way as well. When I look at this, one of the things that just blows me away, and we kind of referenced this a little bit in the first episode. Again, if you haven’t listened to the first episode, go back and check it out. Lots of good stuff.

Let’s say you’re a professional dog groomer out there, and you can groom eight dogs a day, 10 dogs a day, maybe you’re a stud and you can do 10 or 12 dogs a day. Whatever the number is. Five dogs a day. It doesn’t really matter. Each one of those creations that you have that day, they come in, they look a certain way, you make them beautiful, you send them home, right? Are you missing an opportunity to maybe showcase your work, take photos or learn maybe how to take better photos of your work? I think it’s sort of criminal not to think about promoting that for yourself. Self promotion.
Again, I use the word- and I probably didn’t even come up with it, probably Monica planted it subconsciously in my brain in a previous call- but showcasing your work. Monica, what about photography and why is it kind of critical for what we do, and kind of keeping it front of mind?

Monica Cevallos: Again, it’s the easiest way with social media and us being able to show our pictures off. It’s become Show and Tell for adults. Show and shout your business. Show the people why you are there and how well you work, and the kind of work that you do. It reflects your branding as well, so it’s another way that you can carry out maybe your colors, or use your logo as a watermark on your pictures, therefore reminding people who you are.
Again, I think one of the biggest is people love, love, love seeing cute and happy pets. This is the industry that you’re in. We love them. We care for them. As a groomer, especially somebody like yourself, that’s what you do. You’re in it for the health and the benefit of the dog. If you can take some pictures and just use it to show off your work, you’re going to be selling without selling. You’re going to be reminding people of who you are. You’re going to be able to showcase your skillset.

Also, it just is another way to quickly really engage with your audience. Groomers, I have seen, that have taken before and after pictures or just really super cute pictures after of a groomed dog, their likes are through the roof. People leave comments left and crazy. I mean, they’re just gaga over these images. With phones now getting better and better, it’s really quite easy to take a good picture. Just make sure to take your time and pause for a couple of seconds. Most phone settings have a mode where you can tell the phone to take the picture by voice.
Like my Samsung. I can say, “Shoot”, and it will take the picture. So, [crosstalk 00:24:58] better picture. Most phones have that built in. You just go to your setting so you can find it somewhere there. Then, just turn off your overhead lights, and then let as much natural light to come in. Take your photo there, and you’re going to be amazed by just the clarity and the beauty of a simple picture. Again, it’s just a really fun way to show off. Yeah, Show And Tell for adults.

Joe Zuccarello: These are great tips that you’re giving. Who would have thought of turning off their overhead lights. For some of you, you’re like, “Okay, if I turn off my overhead lights, it’s nighttime in my shop.” That’s not going to work, right? Do you have, or are you planning, on having kind of a guide to taking better photos? I’ve got a resource that I’d like to share with the team, but I don’t want to… Maybe something you can provide or something that you do provide.

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, I can provide an additional guide that would be some tips and tricks that you can take and use to make really beautiful photography, and tips that you would not have thought of that are just so cheap. It’s unbelievable. Yeah, I can-

Joe Zuccarello: I do a lot of video work. One of the cheapest things to balance the light, just to have a… Literally, I went to one of these big box stores and I bought this clamp on desk light with a certain wattage and a certain hue of light bulb. It just totally balanced out the light. I didn’t need these big elaborate, tinted lights that photographers use. Listen, I got a puppy budget too on some things.

Monica Cevallos: Yeah.

Joe Zuccarello: We’re starting in somewhere with everything. As we get better, we can afford more, we do that. I’m sure that you have some of those tips and tricks, so I appreciate the offer to put something together for the Hey Joe listener audience. Let’s talk now about, okay, we’re digging in. Now we know why we want to do it. We know we want to do it. What kind of designer or creative service… How do we determine which one will fit my business?

Monica Cevallos: A couple of things for that. First, if you’ve found somebody and you really like them, take the time to look through their work. Take the time to go to their website. What do you see being communicated? What are they talking about? What are they saying? How does their portfolio look? Again, this is somebody that doesn’t have to specifically like Sniff Design where they’ve chosen to cater to this industry. This can be a local designer, or if you have a family member that is a professional designer. There are so many other talented people out there that the best thing to do is just take your time to look at their work, how are they presenting it, and don’t be shy to pick up the phone and call and ask them questions.
I’ll have a fabulous, aka “furbulous” checklist that you can use that will give you just the very questions to ask the potential creative service you’re looking to vet. One of the things too, in regards to that, is maybe how long have they been working? How long have they been providing this service? How extensive is their bodywork? Also, location. If you are looking for somebody and they’re not quite local, are they here in the US or are they overseas? If they are overseas, what kind of look and feel do you garner from their website? Does it look like they have a clear command of English, for example?

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah, yeah. Again, at first I thought well maybe it’s best to have somebody local, but I don’t know if that’s necessary. Maybe local to the United States, and that might be it. A definite big help. Again, you kind of hinted to on the ParagonPetSchool.com webpage under Monica’s episode. She has volunteered to provide a free questionnaire checklist so that you can actually have in your corner questions to ask designers and ask graphic experts and marketers, so that you can hone in on who might be a good fit for you.
Listen, they might be phenomenal. But they might be phenomenal for somebody else, not necessarily for you. We don’t want to say that there are- and there are some not so good ones- but there’s a lot of really talented people, but it doesn’t mean that they understand your business. But to have that checklist provided to you for free at ParagonPetSchool.com by Sniff Design by Monica, who knows you and knows your business already, that’s at least half the battle when you’re trying to vet those people.

Maybe you just want to remove all the complexity and go straight to Monica. Totally your call, but at least you have a tool and option to go in a variety of different directions. One of the things that… I know we kind of teased this in the first episode, but when we start talking about elements of branding of such, one of the topics that we talked about is color. Color evokes a myriad of different emotions. I know that we’re talking right now about selecting and vetting creative designers, but shouldn’t we have some things kind of going into that conversation about… Kind of preloaded in our brain?
One of those might be colors. Do you mind talking to the Hey Joe listener audience about the importance and kind of the different distinctions and feelings it evokes. Guys, this is not just Monica’s opinion, or Joe’s opinion. This is science, folks. I mean, it is clear. You can go and check this out on the Internet and you’ll be shocked at the study behind the psychology that’s supporting color choice.
Monica, can you give us kind of a glimpse as to what you learned?

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, so color psychology really is the discussion at hand that color works at a subconscious level. It’s faster than words or images, and creates a gut response. That’s how powerful it is. A good professional is going to come in and not only know this, but they’re going to be able to utilize that and then help build what you need to be built out, creatively speaking. There are four main personalities that your business will fall into when it comes to determining your colors.
The four are:
Your spring personality. Those tend to be creative, inspirational, expressive. This personality values light, clarity and simplicity.
The second is the summer personality. This is someone whose more refined, aspirational, and elegant. This personality is often considered romantic, organized and focused on the detail. Then also soft, delicate and muted colors tend to epitomize this palette.
Third is the autumn personality. That actually is me. I’m an autumn. These are passionate, ethical and authentic. The autumn personality tends to have a strong connection to nature or the past. The colors here tend to be warm, intense, muted and prominent. So, think of colors like burnt umbers, or brick reds, pale straws to vintage grays.
Last, winter personality. This is a personality of extremes.

Joe Zuccarello: Like they’re cold hearted like me. I’m waiting for you to hit my season, and so far you haven’t. I’m wondering if I’m in the winter personality. I don’t know.

Monica Cevallos: It could be. Well, they’re luxurious, they’re opulent and dramatic.

Joe Zuccarello: Oh, see? I knew it was me.

Monica Cevallos: These peeps are people with high end experts with no frills and no fuss. The colors here tend to be intense and cool. It tends to be where a black is most appropriately applied. Then think of colors like ice blues, dark blues, sparkling metallics, which I love, blacks and by blacks I mean there are a such thing as warm blacks and cool blacks. Depending on how you use them, they can make your branding look really 3D dimensional, or really flat. Yeah.

Joe Zuccarello: Okay, I get all of that. What I really like about it is that my guess is your list of questions are going to help pull from these business owners, and then it’s going to then try to categorize them. It’s going to try to start putting them into something that’s a natural acceptance to them and something that they can align with, right? Because you’re matching it up to their personalities. What about if let’s say okay I’m the winter personality. We have already identified that.
I’m a winter personality, but I live in a spring personality community. What do we do now?

Monica Cevallos: It’s what do you want your business to reflect? Do you want it to reflect where you’re at community-wise, or do you really want it to reflect you, and then I think in a sense, be more authentic? You’re going to stand out as a result. I think the right professional is going to know how to either help you make the decision for one for the other, or maybe of combination- dun-dun-dun- of the two. Again, something that’s just for you, that’s thought out, that’s explored, and a real one on one experience. Again, we think, dream, eat and sleep in color.

Joe Zuccarello: Mm-hmm (affirmative). We were getting her set during show prep. I was wondering where you were going to go with the answer. But I’m really pleasantly- not surprised, but I’m happy that… There’s a lot of times in product development, which is part of my background in branding, marketing, sales and all of that, one thing, it’s kind of one on one, right? It’s not about us. It’s about them. It’s always about the customer and the customer is the center of our world, and the customers are our nucleus, and blah-blah-blah.

I agree with a lot of that in even doing package design and such. When you put a product out there, it has to attract the customer because if it doesn’t it could be just about me. They may not pick up that product, or in this case, I’m going to purchase our services: light boarding, grooming, or daycare or whatever. So, I like that you said sometimes that duh-duh-duh is… Sometimes it’s a blend. Yeah, this might be me as a personality. Maybe that’s reflected in my logo slightly. But when I put what we do out there, maybe then that’s speaking to the spring personality community that I live in.
I like to say that I’ve been in really cool places in this country, and some people are definitely more outdoorsy type of folks, more naturalists. Some people are not in certain areas. If I’m trying to put on a persona of being somebody from Arizona, I’m trying to bring that flavor to Northern Michigan, maybe a rub.

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, no here in Oregon, it’s just full of people who love trees and nature.

Joe Zuccarello: You know what I call you people up there? Crunchy. I love crunchy people.

Monica Cevallos: Crunchy.

Joe Zuccarello: I do. You’re my granola crunchy people. I love-

Monica Cevallos: Granola is awesome.

Joe Zuccarello: I do, I love crunchy people.

Monica Cevallos: Oh, that’s awesome.

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah.

Monica Cevallos: Speaking of, I am not a crunchy granola person actually. I have somewhat of a blend in that I am an autumn personality, so that kind of folds in. But I love clean, crisp, classy, elegant items too. I love the sparklies. I love the feminine. You’re not going to find me in a flannel shirt. Never. You will find me instead of…

Joe Zuccarello: Even pink flannel?

Monica Cevallos: No.

Joe Zuccarello: No?

Monica Cevallos: I don’t do flannel.

Joe Zuccarello: No compromise? Okay.

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, I know.

Joe Zuccarello: Pink flannel with sequins. We already identified you like the flashy metallic stuff, right?

Monica Cevallos: I do, but you know I also like the retro. I love retro, early American retro, think 1930s and 40s.

Joe Zuccarello: Oh, that’s cool.

Monica Cevallos: Right now, the rose gold and the golds are taking off like crazy. I think it’s beautiful. I really do. But, I love brushed nickels. I love silver. Yeah, a lot of times it’s going to be a blend. Your personality is going to be part of your branding, part of the designing, because it has to be. Otherwise, how the heck is the designer going to know which direction they are to take things? Hopefully, you find somebody that will also be giving you a really good questionnaire where they can kind of ask you a lot of questions to delve a little deeper in finding what you need.
A lot of times, it tends to be a blend. There’s a blending of a lot of things, because we’re complicated. People are complicated.

Joe Zuccarello: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah it’s kind of the complimenting colors on the color wheel, am I right? Color wheel, maybe?

Monica Cevallos: Yes, mm-hmm (affirmative).

Joe Zuccarello: Is that a term?

Joe Zuccarello: I think I vaguely remember that coming out of my art classes in elementary school.

Monica Cevallos: Yeah, complimentary colors.

Joe Zuccarello: That’s it. Complimentary colors, right.

Monica Cevallos: Yes.

Joe Zuccarello: I don’t know, I always mixed them all. They came out like brown, black, whatever. Of course they did, because I’m a winter personality apparently. For the Hey Joe listener audience out there, maybe some are like, “Okay, okay, okay. Where do I start? What is step number one?” Monica, now you’re directly in the ears of all of the Hey Joe listener audience out there. What’s step number one?

Monica Cevallos: Step number one would be going to the site to download a checklist. It’s just going to be reiterating everything that we’ve spoken about here. I will have it broken down so you will have some very specific questions to help that for that right person or creative service for you. Again, take your time to research. Don’t be in so much of a rush. You feel like you end up compromising that because if you do, you usually end up regretting it. So, go with your gut instinct on that one.

Joe Zuccarello: Well, I think in this process one of the things… We’re going to try to make it as easy for you guys as possible, and that is go to ParagonPetSchool.com and unlock the free downloadable checklist on what we’re calling a Designer Interview Guide. One thing I can almost guarantee you is that through this process, I think you’re going to learn something about yourself. In fact, I almost expect that you will learn something about yourself through the process of helping to try to identify who you are and how you want to be represented to your customers.
Again, the colors, the brands, the imagery, all of these things you’re working so hard to do, put it in front of the customer’s face as often as possible. It is your brand and your uniqueness, and what makes you special especially when compared to other pet care providers in your area. Done well, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Done well, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. It just has to be as close to correct as possible, and not abrasive, and welcoming to your customers.
Because, as we’ve often said, we are in a high touch business. Not a high tech business. What captures the emotion of your customers? Again, even if you have a two or three-week waiting list, or you can’t accept another dog in your daycare business or whatever, it’s still important that you represent your brand because your customers need to maintain that confidence with you and your brand beyond the services that you offer. Believe it or not, and I’ve seen this happen a lot of times… Well, heck I could be right now wearing a logo shirt for a golf course, or for a food product, or….
Talk about a brand home run. When they’re wearing your brand on their body, or the dog has a collar with your brand, if they’re willing to wear your brand, you’ve done it well. That’s one thing in the win column for your brand. Would you agree?

Monica Cevallos: I would. Not only are they going to wear your brand, they’re going to be sharing your brand then. That’s what it ultimately leads to.

Joe Zuccarello: Yeah, and there is that brand loyalty that happens where you’re either a Pepsi person, or you’re a Coca-Cola person. Again, them is fighting words in some family reunions, not necessarily the Zuccarello family reunion. Usually, it’s a different kind of beverage. But, to my point, what stake do they have in that brand game? Zero. But they own it for whatever reason. It’s part of them now indirectly. Them, being the individual who is consuming that. I think the brand… People want to be proud of where they spend their money, so give them a reason to do it.
Monica, thank you again so much. You are just an incredible human being, an incredible resource for the Hey Joe listener audience out there. Again, ParagonPetSchool.com and you can find and unlock the free Designer Interview Guide checklist, and Monica might actually throw a couple of other bonuses out there for us. So, be sure to go right away to that and scoop that up, and put it to work for you. Again, just a reminder to the Hey Joe listener audience out there, this podcast thrives on the questions that we receive from our listener audience, just like you.
If you have a question that you would like for us to go and find a subject matter expert on, and present on, it’s really easy to make us aware of what that question might be. Simply email us at HeyJoeQuestions@ParagonPetSchool.com. Monica, thank you again so much. We look forward to hearing from you several times in the upcoming months and years.


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