Sniff Design Loves Skelanimals – Too Cute!

Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end-mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. Come and meet them all here in Skeland and see how each of them become a Skelanimal, be sure to also stay tuned to watch some animated shorts. Fun!

skelanimals showcased in sniff design blog

Penguin Dreams = Penguin Power!

Who said that Penguins don’t dream? Well, according to one of my favorite illustrators none other than J. Otto Seibold; we find one special little penguin that can do just that! In fact, anything goes from finding himself flying up, up, up, and away, to soaring through space and sky. So, be sure to make some time to come and visit this little guy embark on some fun, yet odd adventures all via your mouse.