Sniff Design Loves Skelanimals – Too Cute!

Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end-mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. Come and meet them all here in Skeland and see how each of them become a Skelanimal, be sure to also stay tuned to watch some animated shorts. Fun!

skelanimals showcased in sniff design blog

STOP! Don’t leave your house with naked hands:


Manny is a carefree dog. All dogs and cats around the neighborhood love him. He is a guard dog, but every time he has a chance he will invite all his critter friends over to have a great time, eating, playing, and pooping all over the house. For this reason he has been kicked out or sent to the animal shelter several times. Manny is currently looking for a home. Favorite foods are leftovers from the taco shop and anything with cheese. Dislikes are getting up early to fetch newspapers, and morning jogs. If you think that you’d like to have a little Manny for your friend, be sure to visit this awesome puppet making site here, and see others as well as download lots of free patterns.

Rawr!! -Caution- Cute Halloween Critters Ahead

Now this is a set of ‘fierce’….er, I mean cute and I mean very cute animals by Pronouncedyou, via devianART. What I loved most about this wallpaper, was the use of the colors for the animals as well as their costumes for each one, not to mention the detail given to this whimsical Halloween themed desktop wallpaper. I love it and have already made this my latest Halloween desktop treat for myself.