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Introducing Sniff Stickers: Instagram Story Stickers For Pet Businesses & Pet Lovers

Introducing Sniff Stickers: Instagram Story Stickers For Pet Businesses & Pet Lovers

I bet you’re wondering what Instagram story stickers are. Well, take a few moments to read what they are, and how to use them. Oh! Read on to discover how these little digital goodies can. Serve to be one of your most useful, and FUN social media marketing tools.

What is Instagram Story Stickers?

These are graphic design elements you can add to your Stories and videos. There are many types of stickers to choose from based on how you want to use them. Some are animated, while others allow you to make your Stories more engaging. In other words, they look amazing when added to your Instagram posts or stories. Yep, that’s right. You can also use stickers on your posts too. Wahoo!

Best of all. Story stickers are super easy to use. All you need is to pick the right sticker for each Story. Speaking of which, here are a few freebies to get you salivating. (Er…started.) 😉 

5 Free Sniff Stickers To Get Your Paws On

As you know we’re always adding new and easy-to-use digital goodies to The Paw Bar – our online store. One of our latest products is Instagram story stickers; named Sniff Stickers. From pet-related business themes to animal-themed sticker packs. These goodies are part of our ongoing collection created by pet lovers for pet lovers.

And as our treat for fellow petpreneurs and pet lovers; here are 5 free stickers to download and use.

Follow Us On Instagram & Nab This Freebie

1. Follow us on Instagram.

2. Send in a DM to confirm.

3. Stickers then sent to you via DM. Bam!!

Looking forward to seeing you add LOVE, BARK, and BITE to your stories.

 Wanna get your paws on even more? ‘Grrrreat!’ Click below to shop our Sniff Sticker packs.

Why Add Instagram Stickers?

They’re fun! And ultra-easy to use. What’s more?

Stickers are a great way to boost your Instagram marketing. All without being repetitive or too ‘salesy’. Also, using stickers in your Stories can help you showcase your creativity. How? Because these will help highlight YOU. In other words. They help highlight your branding personality in a much more creative way. And I bet you already know. The more engaging your Stories or posts are – the higher the chance to keep your followers coming back.

So that’s the power of these types of stickers. They help your business engage with fans and feel closer to them.

A Sticky Question For You

With the growing popularity of story sticker designs out there. We’re committed to creating and cultivating pet-inspired stickers that’ll help your pet business to easily stand out from the pack. So, we’d love your input regarding our Sniff Stickers.

What type of Instagram story stickers would you most like to see added to The Paw Bar? – our online store.

The Instagram story stickers I'd like to see added would be:

8 + 10 =

5 Tips To Boost Your Engagement With Instagram Story Stickers

Now that you’ve downloaded our free sniff stickers or perhaps you just purchased one of our Sniff Sticker packs. Here are five tips to help you quickly and easily level up your social media strategy and fun.

1. Test & Learn

Don’t overthink the use of adding in stickers to your Stories. The good thing with Instagram Stories is that content doesn’t have to be ‘pawfect’. Authenticity beats perfection. Any. Day. All you need is to test different stickers and how they can help you be more engaging.

Hence the reason why we’ll work to add an abundant source of various sniff stickers to our online store. After all, variety is fun and favorable.

3. Think Like Your Followers

All posts on your social media should be about your followers and not solely about your brand.

When sharing a Story with stickers, think like your followers.

What would get them to take part?

How can you best use a sticker to show you are authentic?

For example, try asking an amusing question. Or check in on your followers by asking them how they are doing on that given day.

2. Be Creative

Stickers can help you be creative in various ways. Try using different stickers with different objectives. For example, use stickers to help convey an inspiring pet quote. Or help convey an important question you’re asking your audience.

Think of stickers as a mini, yet powerful source of visual aid to give you lasting reach and awareness.

4. Make UGC The New Norm

UGC is short for user-generated content. UGC can help you to find new content for your posts or Stories that comes directly through your followers. It’s a pawesome little tactic to discover new ideas while giving your followers a chance to be a part of your brand.

One such example would be to set up a type of challenge. Or celebrate passionate clients/customers. People love to see when their content is shared by the very brand that they themselves admire. It’s a great way to give your followers some extra ‘furiendly’ recognition. Plus! It allows you to show how authentic real-life content for YOUR brand.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

5. Sit. Stay & Play!

Here’s our best tip to remember about Instagram Stickers. Stickers can tap into our inner child to help us express ourselves in a truly unique and playful way. Be silly and use cheeky styled stickers. Be kooky and flower your stories with em’.

It may sound simple. But stickers can serve to make your brand stand out by giving it some extra LOVE, BITE, and BARK once mastered.

Last But Not Least. Why Instagram Story Stickers Matter

Remember, Instagram Story stickers are not only fun features to use. They can also be an integral part of your pet brand’s online strategy. All with the aim to help you to connect with your followers while building a ‘paw-thentic’ presence. With more than 500 million people using Stories every day. This means there are plenty of opportunities everywhere. Paw-yeah!

Now that you’re familiar with Instagram Story stickers and our Sniff Stickers, why not give it a try?

I’d love love love to see how you used this freebie. Please leave a comment below to let us know. Or tag us on Instagram or Facebook. And we’ll share it with our audience.

As you probably already know and simply because our audience and followers are already pawsome, these freebies are for personal or personal business use. Please do not sell, share or post these anywhere else without our permission. Thank you!