Friday Freebie – Pet Design Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper (Download)

It’s that time of year again, when little goblins make their way out into the dark of night to find their trick or treat! And, speaking of treats here is one for our loyal ‘sniff’ readers. Download this free set of pet themed candy bar wrappers to turn your candy from drab to fab! Choose from two designs: A cute little black bat or our ‘Howl-o-ween’ cat and dog fest. Or double your fun and use both themes. This will make a neat way to gift wrap a bar of candy for the special goblin in your life or for using to customize a Halloween party favor.


Download. Print. Cut and wrap. Enjoy!

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Ch Ch Ch Chiia! DIY Halloween Dog Costume

DIY chia pet halloween dog costume image

What’s orange, green all over, has eyes and walks? Why it’s a Chia Pet! Er…Chia Dog. So, this Halloween why not turn your pooch into the all famous Chia Pet? Not only is this costume adorable, ultra easy to make, but eco friendly too! So all last minute ‘pup mothers’ out there, like me, click here to get more details on how to creat this DIY costume. Or visit here, to see another tutorial on how to create comfortable harness that will hold up the little ‘potters’ legs.

•Dog sweater
•Dried sheet moss
•Orange felt fabric

First, use a glue gun or other adhesive to attach the sheet moss to the dog sweater (bonus points if you find a used one!). We recommend using moss because this biodegradable, organic material is much more eco-friendly than fake plastic plants, and it’s significantly lighter than sod.

Next, use the orange felt and muslin to create a set of plant pots for your pup’s legs. Viola!

Spooky & Sloppy Kisses

‘Howl-o-ween’, is soon approaching. Yay! So, why don’t you send out a neat Ecard to celebrate? Sloppy Kiss Cards has a great service to do just this. Their service let’s you easily create a custom Dog or Cat Ecard and then with a few clicks of a button, send it on out to your most favored ‘furried’ friends; or…not so ‘furried’ friends too. Enjoy!

Dog and Cat Halloween Ecards

Sniff Design Loves Skelanimals – Too Cute!

Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end-mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. Come and meet them all here in Skeland and see how each of them become a Skelanimal, be sure to also stay tuned to watch some animated shorts. Fun!

skelanimals showcased in sniff design blog

Rawr!! -Caution- Cute Halloween Critters Ahead

Now this is a set of ‘fierce’….er, I mean cute and I mean very cute animals by Pronouncedyou, via devianART. What I loved most about this wallpaper, was the use of the colors for the animals as well as their costumes for each one, not to mention the detail given to this whimsical Halloween themed desktop wallpaper. I love it and have already made this my latest Halloween desktop treat for myself.