Friday Freebie – DIY ‘WALK the DOG’ Game

Pet design and pet illustration created for Walk The Dog board game

pet graphic design free game download

It’s time for another awesome Friday Freebie from Sniff Design Studio®! Since this coming Sunday, August 12th is national Analog Day – the day to disconnect from all things electronic; what better way to join in by playing a classic board game? We were really excited to come across this great pet design and pet themed illustration celebrating our love of dogs. This game was designed by Eva Galesloot, a freelance illustrator based in the Netherlands with a heart for animals.

To download the Walk the Dog board game, click here. (Hint – best to print this game on card stock paper using the highest print quality available). Now, all that is left is to teach Rover how to play. Ready – set – go!

Mutt Maker Online Game – Awesome!

Mutt Maker Online Game


Sniff Design's own custom dog graphic - Dachoodlemation

We love this online game, created by Animal Planet called Mutt Maker. Have you ever wanted to create your ultra custom own dog breed? Mix and match all of the best traits from your favorite dog breeds and share these hilarious results with your friends!

By the way, check out our own custom breed, the DACHOODLEMATION. No longer is this little guy too short for the world, and it’s little poodle styled tail is so fluffy that it can help spin it with such speed that it will lift up up and away, into the sky flying off while barking: ‘To the rescue of a nation’ – declared this little Dachoodlemation.

The Twisted Whiskers Show – Take A Walk on the Twisted Side

The Twisted Whiskers Show

Check out this animated series; ‘The Twisted Whiskers Show’, via agKidZone – starring a slew of wacky whacked out pets. From Goosers to Cutie Snoot; you will be laughing your head off watching this group of fun and fuzzed characters from the Hasbro/Discovery network. Everyone of the pet personality shown in the series, is absolutely hilarious, not to mention almost dead on when it comes to characterizing these of cats, dogs, mice, birds, and squirrels. Now, the only missing character I’d like to see here would be a dachshund. That would make the show just ‘perfffffect’. NOTE: A little interesting fact about this characters is that they were originally produced by American Greetings as part their line of pet greeting cards.

Penguin Dreams = Penguin Power!

Who said that Penguins don’t dream? Well, according to one of my favorite illustrators none other than J. Otto Seibold; we find one special little penguin that can do just that! In fact, anything goes from finding himself flying up, up, up, and away, to soaring through space and sky. So, be sure to make some time to come and visit this little guy embark on some fun, yet odd adventures all via your mouse.


Tex Mex Rex & Sugar Lee Snughead

Darn tootin right’! Meet Tex Mex Rex, a real cattle herdin’, bean eating, cowboy cat and Sugar Lee Snughead, a hen huggin’, pig pen swillin’, cow charmin’ kitty cat; two charming and lovely characters from Barbara Johansen Newman’s book: Tex & Sugar. In fact, this book was inspired by the author’s love of all things that are cat, dog, cowboy, New York City and country music related. So, for some good ol’ fashion fun, be sure to visit Tex & Sugar’s very own site for some kicking freebies, as well as your chance to purchase their book.

Fun, furried and free online sliding puzzles

Fun, furried and free online sliding puzzles