Sniff Design Studio is 10 Years Old!

Sniff Design Studio is 10 Years Old!

It’s our birthday! YAY!!! Little Sniff Design Studio is 10 years old. To celebrate our birthday we thought it would be fun to give you the presents. That’s right! For the next 10 days we are going to be giving a freebie away each day. Plus, with the 4th of July right around the corner…the timing could not be more perfect for us to share in the American dream of the almighty freebie to the good ol’ spirit of small business independence! So, sit, stay and enjoy!

To kick start our “10 Days of Giveaways – Celebrating 10 Years of Success”,  we have created a set of animal themed luggage tags to print and use. With summertime in full force there is nothing like taking a trip to get away. Even better is having a custom tag hanging off  your own baggage to set it apart. Download this DIY luggage tag set comprised of various animal designs and have fun!


•Print out on card stock/thick paper.
•Cut around the edges and score the middle of each tag with the dulled object (think butter knife).
•Fold over each tag and then cut the top sides. Viola!
•Feel free to share this fun n’ furried freebie.

Sniff Design DIY Animal Design Luggage Tags
Sniff Pet Design DIY Luggage Tags


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Woof Wednesday – Free Dog Themed Gift Wrap

Welcome to our Woof Wednesday blog post! We have a special treat that you’ll gonna dig. Here are some free downloads for dog themed gift wrap, created by Kate Lilley from MiniEco. This set was originally created for one of our favorite dog blogs: Dog Milk. Since finding this fun freebie, we thought we’d go ahead and share this right in our blog.

These Lo-fi bones, 8-bit doggy greetings and old dos styled paw prints will be sure to please any doggy obsessed recipient. Or use this for your own four-legged besty! What’s more, this ‘pawsome’ gift wrap set will look good all around – no bones about it.

Free Dog Themed Gift Wrap Print
free dog themed gift wrap print
free dog themed gift wrap print download


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DIY Suitcase Dog Bed

Check out this neat DIY dog bed I found via Shop’s blog. Naturally, since I thought that this project was so cool, it would be a great way to create something bright and colorful to help bring in a dose of early spring for Fido or Ms. Kitty.

What’s more, I love just how simple it is to do!




1. Choose an empty suitcase that’s large enough for your pet to fit comfortably in.



2. Measure and cut out a piece of foam to fit inside of the suitcase. You can add multiple layers of foam for more cushion.


3. Choose a fun fabric to place over the foam. Cut out a piece that is larger than the area of the suitcase (you’ll need the extra length to secure the fabric).


4. Place the fabric over the foam and tuck it in at the edges and corners. For a more secure fit, you can also take two pieces of fabric (both large enough to cover the foam) and sew them at the edges to create a pillowcase to cover the foam with.


5. Present your furry friend with their comfy new bed and add in their favorite toys!


Now, if you want to share this DIY project with others on Pinterest, go for it! Or better yet, you can visit the blog and share a Pinterest ready image posted at the bottom of Ruche’s blog. Have fun with it and enjoy!

25 DIY Gift for Pet Lovers – Easy, Fun & Creative Designs

25 DIY Pet Gift Ideas

How cool is it to have access to 25 different DIY pet projects? (Yep, we just made pun there.) Well check out these awesome project we found via’s site. You’ll love these creative ideas for dogs, cats, birds and even the fish in your family.  Make them feel special with a little handmade gift created just for them!

These easy gift tutorials are perfect for quick afternoon projects.  Don’t miss the silhouette art, pet leash, retro fish tank or the knit dog bones! In fact, we are going to venture into making some homemade dog treats for our own two very spoiled dachshunds, Mina & Max. If all goes well, then perhaps they’ll write a nice post for us on their blog.

  1. DIY Pet Collar – B*Spoke
  2. Dog Silhouette Art – While Wearing Heels
  3. Braided Leather Leash – Sketch 42
  4. Frozen Luau Dog Treats – Irresistible Pets
  5. Retro TV Fish Tank – WikiHow
  6. Personalized Dot Painted Pet Bowl – Martha Stewart
  7. Dog Collar Pouch – the b-line
  8. Stamped Metal Pet ID Tags – Eagle Rowe
  9. DIY Dog Treats – Curbly
  10. Quilted Pet Bed – BHG
  11. Bird Cat Toy – Apartment Therapy
  12. Pet ID Tag – Martha Stewart
  13. DIY Fleece Dog Toys – The Crazy Simple Life
  14. Old Belt Dog Collar – ReadyMade
  15. Knit Dog Toy – ChemKnits
  16. Homemade Dog Shampoo – Curbly
  17. Spherical Bird Swing & Toy – A Bird’s Best Life
  18. Pet Treats {Cats & Dogs} – Rather Fetching
  19. Menswear Mouse Toy – Martha Stewart
  20. DIY Painted Pet Food Container – TidyMom
  21. Dog Bed Pattern – Inspiration
  22. Pet Leash Tutorial – Totally Stitchin
  23. Feather Cat Toy – Martha Stewart
  24. Pretty Pet Portrait – A Beautiful Mess
  25. Knit Dog Bone Toy – KrisKnits

Friday Freebie – Vintage Dog & Cat Treat Label Designs

It’s Friday again, and you know what that means! Yep, it’s another cool freebie from your fellow friends here at Sniff Design Studio.

This vintage dog and cat label design was influenced by our in-house mini dachshunds, Mina and Max. You see, they are part of a group known as PawPals. This means that every month they get a box of goodies from their own PawPal. They too get to send out a goodie box to their own designated monthly PawPal. So, this month Mina and Max asked for a bit of help coming up with something yummy, fun and original.

The result was a vintage jar filled with dog treats with a custom made label. As a result the doxies ‘digged’ the label so much that they want to share it with everyone. They even had us design a set for those of the feline persuasion. Enjoy!

Free Dog And Cat Treat Label Design Set

Free Pet Label Design Set from Sniff Design Studio

• For best results print this label set on 8.5 x 11 sticker paper.
• Or simply use a craft spay adhesive of choice.

Friday Freebie - Vintage Dog & Cat Treat Label Designs 1

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Then simply FB message or chat with us to let us know which option you’d like: Doggy, Kitty or Birdy.
We’ll then send the freebie right to you. 

DIY – Bunny and Chick Easter Cards

DIY pet design bunny and chick Easter card set

Celebrate the Easter season with our adorable Bunny and Chick Egg Friends. These fun characters are great as Easter cards, springtime decorations or cute paper companions for your little ones or for anyone else who like all things cute!

Materials Needed:

• Easter Bunny and Chick Egg Friends How-To PDF
• Egg Shapes Assortment Pack
• Googly Eyes
• Cover Paper in Poppy and Eco-White
• Bubblegum and Tangerine Sugar Coated 12 x 12 Paper
• Begonia, Powder and White Glitter Tape
• 1/4? Hole Punch
• Scissors
• Zots Glue Dots
• Black Marker or Pen


1. Use templates provided to cut out shapes from indicated papers.
2. Adhere shapes onto corresponding egg shapes using glue dots, then glue googly eyes in place.
3. Embellish bottoms of eggs with strips of glitter tape as shown and trim off excess.
4. For bunny’s nose, punch out a circle from the pink glitter paper using 1/4? hole punch and glue in place.
5. Draw in bunny’s mouth and whiskers using black marker or pen.
6. Great as place cards or for sending Easter wishes!

Happy Easter!

(Note: Since this template was created via Paper Source’s Blog, you can buy a lot of the same materials they used by clicking here)