Freebie Friday – Animal Icon Sticker Set

Freebie Friday – Animal Icon Sticker Set

As you know, the main reason for this here little pet design blog is to find and share all pet/animal related goodies we regularly come across while doing research for our clients. So, one such recent find is this Animal Sticker Icon set by talented graphic designer and illustrator, Marta Berzina in Jelgava, Latvia.

You can download both the Vector and JPEG file versions.

So, go on. Download these little critters and give em’ a home. Enjoy!

Animal-Icon-HIPPO-MartaBerzina Animal-Icon-BEAR-MartaBerzina  Animal-Icon-BUNNY-MartaBerzina

Animal-Icon-COW-MartaBerzina  Animal-Icon-PIGGY-MartaBerzina  Animal-Icon-OWL-MartaBerzina

(Alas….kindly keep in mind, that these little cuties can only be used for personal/small business personal use.)

Freebie Friday - Animal Icon Sticker Set 1

Friday Freebie – Illustrated Desktop Dog Icons

We love out latest little find via Icon Castle. They have created a beautifully detailed set of doggy desktop icons for you to take home. They built this combo of dogs to recall people’s love of pets. So, if you decide to adopt them, please make sure to treat them well and don’t abandon them. Just look into their little eyes and you will see that they are looking for your love and a warm computer to call home.


free custom desktop dog icon download


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Dead Animals Need Love Too!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. It’s Halloween. Yay! So in honor of the upcoming spook fest, there will be many Halloween themed entries, starting with this one.

I bet you never thought little bony animals could be cute eh? Well, check out these lovable and cuddly ‘skelanimal’ icons by Mindy Weaver via iconfactory to download. This icon set is based on the famed designs by Mitchell Bernal.


Dax had talent, you would be proud.
I would take him to the park, he drew a crowd.
He could catch the Frisbee so easily in his teeth.
At times, I threw too hard, it would go to the street.
One day as we played, he jumped over a beagle.
Only to be caught in the talons of an eagle.