Free Reindeer Christmas Gift Tags

Free Reindeer Christmas Gift Tags

With Christmas soon arriving we couldn’t help but to create a new animal themed design to celebrate our favorite time of the year.

So, here’s a free animal themed gift tag set staring a stylish little reindeer. This holiday design was inspired by geometric Scandinavian patterns – perfect for your winter giving. Download this and get gifting.

• Download this ‘pawsome’ freebie. ( It’s a PDF )
• Print out on card stock or photography paper for best results
• If you opt to use plain paper, use paper that is bright. 24 lb standard desktop printing paper with a brightness of 96 is great and what we regularly use.
• Cut out the tags and using a hold puncher, punch a hole in the top center where it’s been marked.

By the way, we totally ‘dig’ when we see our freebies being put to use, so please share with us by leaving a comment below or ‘tag’ us on Facebook.


Free christmas gift tag download from Sniff Design Studio 1

Free Christmas gift tag download from Sniff Design Studio 2

Free Christmas gift tag download from Sniff Design Studio 3

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*For personal use only please.

Friday Freebie – Animal Themed Valentine Card Set

Friday Freebie – Animal Themed Valentine Card Set

We LOVE Valentine’s!

In celebration of this up and coming love fest, we have created a free set of 5 x 7 Valentine’s cards to download. This cute set stars some of our best ‘furry’ and no so furry friends around, whilst making for some fun word play.


  • Download
  • Set your printer to print at highest resolution possible (photo paper quality)
  • Print on card stock paper or thick paper for best results
  • Cut out and add to your favorite envelope








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Friday Freebie – DIY Chanel Dog Style Vase Label

Friday Freebie – DIY Chanel Dog Style Vase Label

I love retro design. From furniture, to office supplies and more, I am always on the lookout to add more little treasures into my own home and office . I’ve come to feel that vintage is timeless simply because it’s classy and stylish. One such item that comes to mind is Chanel No.5 parfum. Ooo-la-la!

A while ago I found a DIY label design modeled after this parfum. I loved it! But as you know, since I’m also heavily into pet related design, I wanted to create a similar label that would be a play on this idea. Viola! Chanel No.5 = Fido No.5. Yes, rather silly. But so much fun.

So, I designed this retro pet inspired label for our blog fans to download and use. I also created a second set that reads strictly ‘Chanel No.5‘ – in case you’d rather use the original parfum design. 😉

There are 3 sizes to choose from.

3 x 3 = small
5 x 5 = large
2.5 x 6 = tall

Prendre plaisir!

• Download the template and print onto an 8.5 x 11 sheet of  white paper.
Use card stock if you want the label to stand out even more.

•Cut your label size of choice and then adhere it to a clean vase, using double sided tape.
Criss cross the tape for the best results.
Or, you can print it onto full size sticker paper.

•Fill the vase with flowers of choice. Next, make sure to show your pet your new craft.
Two paws up!


Fido No.5 – Label – Close Up


Mia, the dachshund giving her approval for this pet inspired label.

Friday Freebie - DIY Chanel Dog Style Vase Label 1

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Then simply FB message or chat with us to let us know which option you’d like: Doggy, Kitty or Birdy.
We’ll then send the freebie right to you. 

Freebie Friday – Animal Icon Sticker Set

Freebie Friday – Animal Icon Sticker Set

As you know, the main reason for this here little pet design blog is to find and share all pet/animal related goodies we regularly come across while doing research for our clients. So, one such recent find is this Animal Sticker Icon set by talented graphic designer and illustrator, Marta Berzina in Jelgava, Latvia.

You can download both the Vector and JPEG file versions.

So, go on. Download these little critters and give em’ a home. Enjoy!

Animal-Icon-HIPPO-MartaBerzina Animal-Icon-BEAR-MartaBerzina  Animal-Icon-BUNNY-MartaBerzina

Animal-Icon-COW-MartaBerzina  Animal-Icon-PIGGY-MartaBerzina  Animal-Icon-OWL-MartaBerzina

(Alas….kindly keep in mind, that these little cuties can only be used for personal/small business personal use.)

Freebie Friday - Animal Icon Sticker Set 2
Mutt Monday – Printable Valentine’s Card

Mutt Monday – Printable Valentine’s Card

Here’s a saucy Valentine’s card for you from This free card & envelope set stars a daring little pug who wants nothing more than to connect with love. The author and creator (Elda – a bay area illustrator and mom to Wifi, a poodle mix) below sums up the sentiment for this creative design freebie – perfectly.

“It’s okay to send a slightly naughty valentine’s card, trust me it’s totally appropriate! This pug really really wants your love….”

So time to get your pug on and download this ‘pawsome’ Valentine’s card. Enjoy!