Friday Freebie – Bone Appetit – Peanut Butter Dog Biscuit With Molasses Designer Recipe Download

Welcome to our new Sniff Design Pet Recipe Series – Collectors Edition!

This new series set to be released over time will consist of some nifty pet recipes that you can download and make; all borrowed from various pet recipe sites such as Dog Treat or other pet blogs. Today not only will you get a new recipe to make for Fido, but it will come with it’s own custom background designed and illustrated by none other than us. Viola!

To begin your pet recipe collection; print this on card stock paper (found at any office supply store) and when ready put two or three holes in the side there with a hole puncher and add it to a small/medium binder of choice.

Here is a delicious peanut butter biscuit recipe. Have you ever met a dog who doesn’t like peanut butter? Neither have we. That’s why these peanut butter dog biscuits with molasses is a great. Even though dogs don’t need added sugar to make their treats delicious, molasses is a natural choice. Usually, ingredients found in commercial biscuits are typically called natural if they are processed to the least amount. However, unlike refined sugar, blackstrap molasses retains vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. So, you can rest easy knowing that these home made dog biscuits will be fresh and healthy.

So, did you make this recipe? What was your experience? Did your dog gobble it up or take a polite sniff and walk away? Now don’t let Fido hog this recipe all up. Be sure to share this blog entry with other dog treat aficionados or better yet, please send in your pics showing your favorite pooch eating these delicious treats to share with our dog blog audience. We’d sure love to show em’ off! <3

Bone Appetit!

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Friday Freebie – Illustrated Desktop Dog Icons

We love out latest little find via Icon Castle. They have created a beautifully detailed set of doggy desktop icons for you to take home. They built this combo of dogs to recall people’s love of pets. So, if you decide to adopt them, please make sure to treat them well and don’t abandon them. Just look into their little eyes and you will see that they are looking for your love and a warm computer to call home.


free custom desktop dog icon download


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Friday Feebie – Illustrated Owl Desktop Wallpaper

Whoo whoo whoooo wants a little fun and furried freebie? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this darling owl illustration desktop wallpaper design by Marine Connan, an illustrator from Spain.

Download this little guy today and give em’ a nice home. Hope you get a real ‘hoot’ out of it. Enjoy!

free design owl desktop wallpaper preview


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Free Winter Themed Dachshund Desktop Wallpaper

Mina and Max Free Desktop Wallpaper Download Preview

Like wieners? Yeah…we thought so! (Ahem) So do we! In fact, we think that all wiener dogs are totally awesome not to mention ultra cute. So, we were pleased to come across this sweet and free desktop download showcasing Mina and Max; two adorable dachshunds who love to Bark n’ Blog. Also, from time to time these little doxies like to post various kinds of free download goodies for their faithful friends. Mina and Max are also the stars of a new dog cartoon called ‘The Funny Bone’, that you can view via their site as well.

To download this neat winter themed desktop wallpaper, (sorry, no longer available) or visit: