Mutt Maker Online Game – Awesome!

Mutt Maker Online Game


Sniff Design's own custom dog graphic - Dachoodlemation

We love this online game, created by Animal Planet called Mutt Maker. Have you ever wanted to create your ultra custom own dog breed? Mix and match all of the best traits from your favorite dog breeds and share these hilarious results with your friends!

By the way, check out our own custom breed, the DACHOODLEMATION. No longer is this little guy too short for the world, and it’s little poodle styled tail is so fluffy that it can help spin it with such speed that it will lift up up and away, into the sky flying off while barking: ‘To the rescue of a nation’ – declared this little Dachoodlemation.

Friday Freebie – 3 Illustrated Puppy Desktop Wallpapers

Happy International Puppy Day! In celebration of all things puppy, we though that these 3 puppy themed desktop wallpapers would be great to download to serve as your desktop’s new best friend. These custom digital pet illustrations were found via digital Naturally, we favored the doggy themed wallpapers over all of the others.

What’s really neat is that you can decide which exact size you need there within the site and then download the perfect size! Of course you can download them right here. However if you need a specific size for you desktop, smart phone or tablet…go ahead and visit digital art gallery’s site. Enjoy!

custom puppy desktop wallpaper designs


custom button for Sniff Design Studio pet web designer and dog blogger[/lockercat]

Your Pet Is More Popular Than You

savvy critters pet infographic design

We all know that our own pets rock and what’s more, we love to announce it to all of our family and friends. But who would ever think that our fascination with them would also spill into the online realm? In fact, pets have grown to be so popular that a new social media wave is one the rise; giving way to a fun filled ocean’s worth of online doggy and kitty profiles, ranging from pet blogs to pets having their own Twitter or Facebook account. So, perhaps the new question is just how many pets ARE online? Here is a preview of a lightly styled pet infographic (originally created by eBay classifieds), to see some fascinating facts regarding our pets and their growing online popularity. Click here to read the entire infographic.

If you already have a pet or are getting ready to adopt one, feel free to refer to this infographic and learn how you can make your pet a social savvy one! In fact, we did this for our very own two in-house dachsunds Mina and Max. Check out their dog blog here: or follow them on twitter via: @minaandmax (and yes…it’s official, we are crazed).

21 Vintage Cat Advertisements

vintage pet design ad starring cats

Check out these really neat vintage cat advertisements. We’ve always known that using animals as part of your advertising usually does well for just about any kind of business and of course, especially for a pet related business. Plainly put ads that use cats as part of their marketing pull can do well because cats sell. We’re just not talking ads about cat food being marketed here but historically speaking companies have used cat imagery for all sorts of wares, from cod liver oil, fine liquors, to Corvettes. So, without further ado click here to see a sampling of 21 one ad products hawked by cats – (pun intended).

Impressive Pet Illustration

Our constant quest and thirst for new and fun animal themed tidbits has lead us to another very talented and inspiring illustrator: Michael Fleming. To freely view more of his work, please visit

What we love most about his work, is the richly textured and colorful style he beautifully displays in his work…we are also partial to his pieces whose theme centers around animals and pets. So, if you happen to need a quick get away into a world where texture, color and creativity rule, his blog is a great place to start, sit…and stay.

beautiful pet illustration by Michael Fleming