Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: July 2013

Continuing our 10 Days of Giveaways – Celebrating 10 Years of Success extravaganza,  we would like to first wish you a Happy 4th of July! In honor of America’s birthday (237 years young), we have created a retro desktop wallpaper to download. There are three size in total, including a cell phone friendly size too!

So, dig in and download this goodie. Oh! And be sure to share this with all of your ‘furiends’.

Free 4th of July Desktop Background Pet Design

(No longer available for download)


How To Read A Dog Food Label Infographic

Have you ever found a dog food label confusing? Well, us too! So, when PupCulture Magazine hired us to help put together this ultra nifty pet infographic explaining how to decipher what can otherwise quickly become a conclave of messy info, we jumped right to it. We hope that you like it and will find it useful Oh, and please feel free to pass this on too. Enjoy!

Click on image to view the full size and/or to Pin it.

How To Read A Dog Food Label Infographic 1

Valentine DIY No Bake Treat For Your Pooch

Perhaps one of the greatest ways to celebrate Valentine’s is to make a fun treat for that special love in your life; even if that special someone is a bit on the furry side. Yes, I’m speaking about our beloved pets. After all, who loves us like no other and who sees as their own personal Valentine each and every day?

So, whip on your chef’s hat and let’s prepare to make some easy, delicious and healthy treats for your dog found via Pretty Fluffy dog blog.

No Bake Dog Treats Recipe


1/2 Cup Low Fat Milk
1 Cup Peanut Butter
3 Cups Rolled Oats

1. Combine the milk and peanut butter in a mixer until it forms a paste.
2. Add the oats 1/4 to 1/2 cup at a time ensuring they are fully coated and no dry spots form.
You will be left with a heavy mixture.
3. Scoop out bite sized pieces with a spoon and roll into little balls.
4. Place on a flat tray lined with baking paper.
5. Pop them in the fridge for one hour.

* Makes 25-30 treats.
* Treats can last up to 2 weeks stored in the fridge.
* Use a gentle pressure when rolling the balls. The mixture can be sticky and overly handling it can cause it to crumble.
* Milk can be substituted with other dairy free variations for dogs with allergies.

Friday Freebie – Pet Design Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper (Download)

It’s that time of year again, when little goblins make their way out into the dark of night to find their trick or treat! And, speaking of treats here is one for our loyal ‘sniff’ readers. Download this free set of pet themed candy bar wrappers to turn your candy from drab to fab! Choose from two designs: A cute little black bat or our ‘Howl-o-ween’ cat and dog fest. Or double your fun and use both themes. This will make a neat way to gift wrap a bar of candy for the special goblin in your life or for using to customize a Halloween party favor.


Download. Print. Cut and wrap. Enjoy!

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DIY PUPsicles – A Sweet Summer Treat

DIY summer pupsicle treat for your pet

DIY popsicle summer treat for your dog 2

With the hot month of July being here, what could be better than a nice and cold treat? Well how about some delicious popsicles for your pup? Check out this easy and delicious frozen recipe from These treats also serve as a great and healthy summer snack to give your pup a boost of vitamins and protein. You can substitute ½ cup blueberries, strawberries, or peanut butter for the banana. (Remember: Grapes, raisins, citrus, chocolate, and pitted fruits are off-limits for your pooch.)


  • 2 cups organic vanilla low-fat yogurt
  • 3 Tablespoons flax meal (or ground oats)
  • 1 whole banana
  • (For extra flavor add coconut milk)


  • Blender
  • Ice cube tray

Puree all ingredients together in a blender until smooth.  Pour into smaller paper cups or ice cube tray and freeze until solid. VIOLA!


Friday Freebie – Vintage Dog & Cat Treat Label Designs

It’s Friday again, and you know what that means! Yep, it’s another cool freebie from your fellow friends here at Sniff Design Studio.

This vintage dog and cat label design was influenced by our in-house mini dachshunds, Mina and Max. You see, they are part of a group known as PawPals. This means that every month they get a box of goodies from their own PawPal. They too get to send out a goodie box to their own designated monthly PawPal. So, this month Mina and Max asked for a bit of help coming up with something yummy, fun and original.

The result was a vintage jar filled with dog treats with a custom made label. As a result the doxies ‘digged’ the label so much that they want to share it with everyone. They even had us design a set for those of the feline persuasion. Enjoy!

Free Dog And Cat Treat Label Design Set

Free Pet Label Design Set from Sniff Design Studio

• For best results print this label set on 8.5 x 11 sticker paper.
• Or simply use a craft spay adhesive of choice.

Friday Freebie - Vintage Dog & Cat Treat Label Designs 2

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