Fido and Facebook – Pet Infographic

So, those of us who own pets know just how awesome they are. What’s more is that there are many of us, including I with my two dachshunds Mina & Max, will take our unending and unyielding fascination of pets to a new and digitized level. Fido…Fluffy…meet Facebook. More and more pet owners are putting their dog, cat, or other interesting animal into the public eye via social media. In fact, an estimated one in ten dogs have some sort of social media profile, and that number is just growing. People’s pets are now tweeting, blogging, and Facebooking as adeptly as their human counterparts.

For example, Mina & Max not only have their own blog:, but these two little stinkers also have a Facebook and Twitter page! (Ahem) Yes, I realize just how far my self-indulged fascination with my two dogs goes Check out this nifty pet infographic created by Internet showcasing some fun facts regarding pets on Facebook and their equally and perhaps overly indulgent owners.

But the most interesting part of this phenomenon? Some pets become more popular than the humans that blog on their behalf.  So, before you jump to get your new kitten a Facebook profile, beware: That little ball of fur might soon have more friends than you.

Pet Infographic Design

Friday Freebie – Pet Design Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper (Download)

It’s that time of year again, when little goblins make their way out into the dark of night to find their trick or treat! And, speaking of treats here is one for our loyal ‘sniff’ readers. Download this free set of pet themed candy bar wrappers to turn your candy from drab to fab! Choose from two designs: A cute little black bat or our ‘Howl-o-ween’ cat and dog fest. Or double your fun and use both themes. This will make a neat way to gift wrap a bar of candy for the special goblin in your life or for using to customize a Halloween party favor.


Download. Print. Cut and wrap. Enjoy!

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Friday Freebie – Vintage Dog & Cat Treat Label Designs

It’s Friday again, and you know what that means! Yep, it’s another cool freebie from your fellow friends here at Sniff Design Studio.

This vintage dog and cat label design was influenced by our in-house mini dachshunds, Mina and Max. You see, they are part of a group known as PawPals. This means that every month they get a box of goodies from their own PawPal. They too get to send out a goodie box to their own designated monthly PawPal. So, this month Mina and Max asked for a bit of help coming up with something yummy, fun and original.

The result was a vintage jar filled with dog treats with a custom made label. As a result the doxies ‘digged’ the label so much that they want to share it with everyone. They even had us design a set for those of the feline persuasion. Enjoy!

Free Dog And Cat Treat Label Design Set

Free Pet Label Design Set from Sniff Design Studio

• For best results print this label set on 8.5 x 11 sticker paper.
• Or simply use a craft spay adhesive of choice.

Friday Freebie - Vintage Dog & Cat Treat Label Designs 1

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Friday Freebie – Beautiful Blue Kitty Desktop Wallpaper

We are crazy about all things animal and of course this includes kitties!

So, here is a free beautiful and elegant 1280 x 1024 illustrated cat desktop wallpaper to download. This custom themed desktop design was created by the talented digital artist Apofiss. Click here to visit the portfolio and find other beautifully illustrated goodies generously placed online to download. Enjoy!

Illustrated Cat Theme Desktop Wallpaper Download by Apofiss


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21 Vintage Cat Advertisements

vintage pet design ad starring cats

Check out these really neat vintage cat advertisements. We’ve always known that using animals as part of your advertising usually does well for just about any kind of business and of course, especially for a pet related business. Plainly put ads that use cats as part of their marketing pull can do well because cats sell. We’re just not talking ads about cat food being marketed here but historically speaking companies have used cat imagery for all sorts of wares, from cod liver oil, fine liquors, to Corvettes. So, without further ado click here to see a sampling of 21 one ad products hawked by cats – (pun intended).

The Great Breed Checklist For Soon To Be Pet Parents

Making a decision to adopt a dog can be a tough one, as there are many things you have to consider. Perhaps one of the most important considerations would be the type of dog that you and your family want. It it also important to be thorough in your research of the desired breed you are considering to make a permanent part of your family, including checking out various type of rescues or contacting a breed specific rescue organization. Below is a fun pet graphic slide show serving as a suggestive checklist of some of the top breeds to help narrow down your choices. Of course there are many different types of dogs to consider and what’s more what joy a mixed breed can bring. None the less the pet graphic slide show below is quite neat to see. Enjoy!