Pet Report Card Download

Pet Report Card Download

When traveling, any pet parent will find it hard to leave their ‘fur’, ‘feathered’ or ‘feline’ baby behind, but if you have a trusted friend, family member or a professional pet sitter to take care your pet while you are away it will make your absences easier. Even better what if you could leave your pet sitter with a type of doggy report card?

Well you are in luck! We have created a design pack for just this. So, that you can see how your pet behaved while you were away.  It’s extra touch of fun and personalized information for your pet sitter to leave you. Here are three pet designs to pick from, a – kitty, doggy and for those who fancy the feathered, a birdie design.


Pet Sitting Report Card Pack Dog Design by Sniff Design Studio
Pet Sitting Report Card Pack Cat Design by Sniff Design Studio
Pet Sitting Report Card Pack Bird Design by Sniff Design Studio


Pet Report Card Download 1

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Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: July 2013

Continuing our 10 Days of Giveaways – Celebrating 10 Years of Success extravaganza,  we would like to first wish you a Happy 4th of July! In honor of America’s birthday (237 years young), we have created a retro desktop wallpaper to download. There are three size in total, including a cell phone friendly size too!

So, dig in and download this goodie. Oh! And be sure to share this with all of your ‘furiends’.

Free 4th of July Desktop Background Pet Design

(No longer available for download)


Sniff Design Loves Skelanimals – Too Cute!

Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end-mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. Come and meet them all here in Skeland and see how each of them become a Skelanimal, be sure to also stay tuned to watch some animated shorts. Fun!

skelanimals showcased in sniff design blog

The Twisted Whiskers Show – Take A Walk on the Twisted Side

The Twisted Whiskers Show

Check out this animated series; ‘The Twisted Whiskers Show’, via agKidZone – starring a slew of wacky whacked out pets. From Goosers to Cutie Snoot; you will be laughing your head off watching this group of fun and fuzzed characters from the Hasbro/Discovery network. Everyone of the pet personality shown in the series, is absolutely hilarious, not to mention almost dead on when it comes to characterizing these of cats, dogs, mice, birds, and squirrels. Now, the only missing character I’d like to see here would be a dachshund. That would make the show just ‘perfffffect’. NOTE: A little interesting fact about this characters is that they were originally produced by American Greetings as part their line of pet greeting cards.

The Yolk Folk

These little chaps from mibostudio, will serve as a cheerful and bright reminder that spring has arrived! So, to help celebrate a new seasonal chapter, these chicks would be a great way to commemorate it. Although these little guys are not quite free, they are pretty darn near so! You can download these folks here. Enjoy.


JULY 2017 UPDATE: Mibos Studio original site has since closed down, but never the less they are here in Etsy. Yay! So, now I HAVE to go and make an order with them STAT. 😉