Colorful Dog Design And Illustration

pet design illustration for children's book - Eli, No!

pet design illustration for children's book - Eli, No!

pet design illustration for children's book - Eli, No!

We couldn’t help to blog about this beautiful children’s book – Eli, no! Inspired by a phrase often said by designer and illustrator Katie Kirk’s nephew, “Eli, no!” the book uses iconic illustrations to tell the story of a trouble-making dog (her own Eli) and the one word that seems to follow him around. These vivid illustrations pair bold graphics and bright colors with clean, strong typographic layouts to instantly engage audiences of all ages. A call-and-response writing style makes this book easy to read and even more fun to shout! I personally, hope that one day Katie decides to extend these graphic dog illustrations and create a line of cards, in which I’d happily buy and frame.

Inspiring Dog Logo Designs

dog pet logo design examples

The dog being considered as man’s best friend is a great subject for logos and now with an unprecedented explosion in new pet business markets, the need for dog logos designs are on the rise. Dogs are well-loved by many people because they perform many roles for them such as unyielding friendship, protection and most especially, accompanying them in their everyday lives as their domestic pet partners. In this post, we want to give you some fine examples of how dog images can be used to create logos for a particular type of business. Actually, dog images can be pretty versatile – funny for some toy brands, strong and powerful for security services or sport clubs, stylish for dance parties, and loyal for law agencies, for example. A properly chosen and illustrated dog logo will, definitely, serve its purpose, like a faithful dog serves his master.

Here is our collection of some inspiring dog logo designs which are unique that we have come across and have long admired. We couldn’t help but to also throw in a few of our own pet logo designs in as well. So, if you’re on the lookout for a dog logo design or any pet themed logo design, take a moment to browse our own portfolio and come ‘bark at us’. Woof!

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Logo Design Credits:

Dachshund Dog Show Logo – by GAL / Ukraine
Buzz Dog Group Logo – by  The Buzz Dog Group / USA
Barkerrs Logo – by ES Designs / USA
Parachuting Dog Company Logo – by Ryan / South Africa
Smarty Pants Dog Training Logo – by Sniff Design Studio / USA
Dog Dish Logo – by Jared Milam / USA
Barker’s Lane Logo – by Sniff Design Studio / USA
Win Win Dog Training Logo – by Sniff Design Studio / USA

Friday Freebie – Bone Appetit – Peanut Butter Dog Biscuit With Molasses Designer Recipe Download

Welcome to our new Sniff Design Pet Recipe Series – Collectors Edition!

This new series set to be released over time will consist of some nifty pet recipes that you can download and make; all borrowed from various pet recipe sites such as Dog Treat or other pet blogs. Today not only will you get a new recipe to make for Fido, but it will come with it’s own custom background designed and illustrated by none other than us. Viola!

To begin your pet recipe collection; print this on card stock paper (found at any office supply store) and when ready put two or three holes in the side there with a hole puncher and add it to a small/medium binder of choice.

Here is a delicious peanut butter biscuit recipe. Have you ever met a dog who doesn’t like peanut butter? Neither have we. That’s why these peanut butter dog biscuits with molasses is a great. Even though dogs don’t need added sugar to make their treats delicious, molasses is a natural choice. Usually, ingredients found in commercial biscuits are typically called natural if they are processed to the least amount. However, unlike refined sugar, blackstrap molasses retains vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. So, you can rest easy knowing that these home made dog biscuits will be fresh and healthy.

So, did you make this recipe? What was your experience? Did your dog gobble it up or take a polite sniff and walk away? Now don’t let Fido hog this recipe all up. Be sure to share this blog entry with other dog treat aficionados or better yet, please send in your pics showing your favorite pooch eating these delicious treats to share with our dog blog audience. We’d sure love to show em’ off! <3

Bone Appetit!

custom pet design recipe to download for free


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Free Valentine’s Day Pet Cards & Envelope Design

We love to celebrate Valentine’s Day in honor of all those near and dear to us! So, here is a free DIY animal card template for you to download and give to all of your most favorite and ‘furried’ Valentine(s). Better yet, these can also serve a great fit for all of those (ahem), last minute types who still wish to give out a simple, yet highly unique card.

This pet themed card and envelope set was designed to be simple and fun. There are two themes to choose from: pink or red. Also included in the template is a matching envelope that you can print out and cut out. It’s so easy! Better yet, download both and get extra crafty with these pet design templates. After all, every one (both human and pet), deserves to know that they mean everything to someone. Woof!

free pet card design download by sniff design


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Friday Feebie – Illustrated Owl Desktop Wallpaper

Whoo whoo whoooo wants a little fun and furried freebie? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this darling owl illustration desktop wallpaper design by Marine Connan, an illustrator from Spain.

Download this little guy today and give em’ a nice home. Hope you get a real ‘hoot’ out of it. Enjoy!

free design owl desktop wallpaper preview


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