Friday Freebie – Pet Design Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper (Download)

It’s that time of year again, when little goblins make their way out into the dark of night to find their trick or treat! And, speaking of treats here is one for our loyal ‘sniff’ readers. Download this free set of pet themed candy bar wrappers to turn your candy from drab to fab! Choose from two designs: A cute little black bat or our ‘Howl-o-ween’ cat and dog fest. Or double your fun and use both themes. This will make a neat way to gift wrap a bar of candy for the special goblin in your life or for using to customize a Halloween party favor.


Download. Print. Cut and wrap. Enjoy!

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What Kind of Dog Is That? – Fun Pet Infographic

When it comes to Therapy Dogs, most people mistake them for Service Dogs who are not working and instead are simply out and about purely for socialization. However what most do not realize is that there are different kinds of Therapy dogs. So, when Pupculture Magazine needed a pet styled infographic created to illustrate the differences among Therapy Dogs; here is what we came up with. We hope you like and it. Please feel free to share this. Or pin it too!

Pet Designed Infographic for Pupculture Magazine


Road Trip With Fido Pet Infographic

Driving With Dogs Pet Infographic Design

As Americans one of our favorite past-times is to take a good ol’ fashion road trip. So what can top this? How about when you get to take Fido along? Do you know how to safely travel with your family pet? Check out this pet themed infographic created by Column Five Media, for key tips for safer travel this fall—or whenever you hit the road with Fido. Enjoy! And please feel free to share this too.

Dogs in Graphic Design

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. They are always around when you need them and happy with just a bit of attention. In addition to making great pets, they also can make even great subjects for artwork. In fact, most businesses who venture into using dogs as part of their marketing efforts find that they can get greater results, or even just getting their audience to pay better attention. Dog related design has now stretched across all sorts of mediums, from digital works like logos and branding, to animation, to 2d illustration.

In the brief gallery below we’ve put together some astounding artwork focusing on dogs. Let us know your favorites or other alternative works of art that you’ve may come across in other pet web site or blogs. In fact, feel free to share those images via our Sniff Design Pinterest page, since we love to pin and share all things canine and feline related. Or, if you happen to come across this blog and are in need of professional pet design or pet logo design we’re here!

Dog Graphic Design Examples1st Image Credit – Old Man On A Mountain – by Craig Henry

2nd Image Credit – Space Dog – by Melanie Matthews

3rd Image Credit – Dog – by Nguyen Thanh Nhan

4th Image Credit – Cat ‘n’ Dogs..And A Bird – by Bram Zwinnen

5th Image Credit – The Mutz Nutz On Holiday – by Sniff Design Studio

6th Image Credit – My Dog – by Jared Chapman

7th Image Credit – Baby Wags – by Sniff Design Studio

8th Image Credit -Bone – by Craig Henry

Friday Freebie – 3 Illustrated Puppy Desktop Wallpapers

Happy International Puppy Day! In celebration of all things puppy, we though that these 3 puppy themed desktop wallpapers would be great to download to serve as your desktop’s new best friend. These custom digital pet illustrations were found via digital Naturally, we favored the doggy themed wallpapers over all of the others.

What’s really neat is that you can decide which exact size you need there within the site and then download the perfect size! Of course you can download them right here. However if you need a specific size for you desktop, smart phone or tablet…go ahead and visit digital art gallery’s site. Enjoy!

custom puppy desktop wallpaper designs


custom button for Sniff Design Studio pet web designer and dog blogger[/lockercat]

Downtown Abby Gone To The Dogs – Characters Portrayed By Canines

Downtown Abby Canine Characters - What If

Sniff Design loves Downtown Abbey, that’s right we said it. So, you watch Downton Abbey, right? If you don’t, you’re probably living in the woods under a rock on a desert island in a time warp in an alternate universe. And even then if still claim it, you’re probably lying. Everyone is watching this show and we are no exception.

The beautiful period garb, restrained acting, and insane soap-operatic plot lines have us hooked and what’s more, has our two in-house TV hounds locked in as well. And since we also love dogs so much, naturally we had to share this fun and compiled character list of the Downtown Abbey character as dogs, found on dogster’s web site. Like us, they also noticed how much Bates resembles a Basset Hound or how cousin Matthew Crawley’s lovable and adorable character resembles a Golden Retriever. Enjoy!