Although some people try to get deep and philosophical on the meaning of the term “brand”, the definition does not have to be so complicated.

Simply put: A business’s brand is their identity. Branding is your business’s message expressed through visual communication. In other words it refers to the elements that define the ethos and tone of your company such as, logo, design, marketing materials, web site, etc.,

To start, here are 4 visual components of branding:

1. Logo – Your logo is not the brand, BUT…it’s a great start. Your logo is a gateway to the brand. If should hopefully offer a preview of the kind of experience the client will get from using your service.

2. Colors conveys the mood / COLORlovers is a good place to find inspiration; a pre-made library of matched colors from a searchable database.

3. Typography – like iconography, typography should also symbolize your company’s overall “look and feel”. This is the fonts your brand uses. Is it modern and clean, or fuller and more playful, or is it rustic or does it have a vintage spin to it?
4. Iconography – iconography is a form of communication that adds to a brand’s visual language. Think of the as like little mini visual references to your brand and therefore are an extension of it.
Branding & Design: It's Impact and Significance For Your Pet Business 1


Because, from the items just described it has the power to elevate/level up your business and in 3 distinct ways:

1. Passion = showcases your passion for the business. It shows your seriousness of it. And it shows your love of it.

2. Purpose = showcases your purpose and place within this industry. Your business is not only important, it’s simply  needed. Therefore this solidifies your purpose.

3. Influence = gives way to the visual influence you’ll have within this industry. Who do you affect with it? (how are people affected when they see you?) So, this speaks to the capacity your business’s visual image on your audience. Are they moved to take notice that is positive and engaging? If so, great! This means that your brand’s influence has not only kept their attention but is also likely to then move them to use your service(s) or make a purchase from you.
Branding & Design: It's Impact and Significance For Your Pet Business 2


Graphic design is built on and from the branding. It’s yet another way to visually convey one’s brand. It’s your brand’s visual cues. Your graphic designer/creative service peeps can help to guard your visual identity by taking care to make sure each element, colors, typography, iconography and the logo is not only compelling, but made consistent across all environments (business cards, posters, signage, hang tags, stickers, social media graphics, print ads, online ads, packaging, etc). When done right will ensure that everything is cohesive and it’s right place. Graphic design helps to feed (support), your brand.

Branding & Design: It's Impact and Significance For Your Pet Business 3


YES! Here are 3 main reason why:

1. It makes an memorable impression on your clients.  It also allows your clients and customers to know what to expect for your business. In other words, it can inspire how people perceive your business and as a result help to drive new business while increasing brand awareness. ( Awareness = makes you recognizable). It’s how a company get recognized and becomes known to the consumer.

2. It increases your business’s value. Helps to leverage and affirm your place, purpose and influence in the industry. Because you brand is perceive as memorable and appealing people will see it as an worthy place to give their patronage (their business/money) too.

Vidal Sassoon old commercial comes to mind = Paul Mitchell family stated their main premise and heart of their business, which was: “When you look good, we look good!” So, if your brand is perceived as something that is good, it’s a pretty good and clear sign that your client’s dogs/pets will not only look good too, but will be well taken care of.

3. Supports advertising. (not commonly thought of/talked about). This is yet another component to branding and advertising strategies will directly reflect the brand and its desired portrayal.

Simply put, it can make it easier for you to sell your services because it’s something that is attractive, memorable, cohesive and appealing. THINK: Have you ever bought something because it “visually looked good or appealing or somehow emotionally moved you?” If you have, then you’ll know the power a professional brand can have on moving someone to buy that particular product.

Branding & Design: It's Impact and Significance For Your Pet Business 4


OR do I need the whole ‘kit-n-kaboodle’?

YES  but keep in mind, your logo is not the brand, It’s still one the less a great start. Your logo can serve as gateway to the brand. If should hopefully offer a preview of the kind of experience the client will get from using your service. In other words, your logo will be the essence of your business…not the essay.


Is this bad? Or do I need the whole ‘kit-n-kaboodle’?

NO. Just make sure to vet for the right professional designer / creative service when looking for this type of logo. Take some time to review their body of work, to start. And keep in mind that with most pre-made/ready made logos they are not unique in that they are often resold/relicensed to other business’s to use. At least with this choice, you can always upgrade your logo down the road when you’re ready to invest in fleshing out your business’s branding.

Branding & Design: It's Impact and Significance For Your Pet Business 5


If so, why?

YES! Here are 4 main reasons why.

1. Having a business website and therefore an online presence strategy allows you to market your business online to a world wide audience.

2. Important because it helps you establish immediate and lasting credibility as a business.

3. Most people already assume you have a web site since a vast of majority of businesses do.

4. The most readily available and accessible tool you can have. Your web site is accessible 24/7/365. This means you business can be operational around the clock in terms of being present there for the audience and displaying important info about the business – super convenient! In other words anyone at anytime from anyplace can easily see and visit you. Let your site do your talking for you. Pawsome!

Branding & Design: It's Impact and Significance For Your Pet Business 6


You betcha! Here are 4 pawesome reasons why.

1. They deliver your contact info with ease. Also, since they are small they can easily be put into one’s wallet or office drawer. Plus it’s something tangible to give out. Pen + ‘Pawper’, still rules!
2. Make an immediate ‘pawesome’ impression. An attractive business card design will catch the eye and builds a favorable impression of your business and. It’s another way to make your brand recognizable for your clientele.

3. Gives a personal touch – this is something that is tangible to give someone and therefore much more personal. It’s also a great way to show off your branding to help make you stand out even more.

4. Turn them into a direct marketing tool. Small but mighty you business card can serve as versatile marketing tool for you. Here’s a few ideas:

 A. Use the first side for your summarized contact info and the other side as an referral coupon.

 B. Use the first side for your summarized contact info and the other side as a type of membership rewards. Example, after 10 grooms you will get next two grooms at 50% off.

 C. Turn them into a magnet, so that people can easily place them on their fridge. Every time they go to their fridge they’ll see you. Makes it easier to not loose your card, since it’s something that can easily hang right on their own fridge.

 D. Staple or clip them to your invoices, in-store receipts, letters or thank you card.

 E. Keep a clear bowl/vase of your business cards your client can grab a card from. Have ONE card in there that will give a lucky recipient a 90 or 100% discount off! Make it not only fun but an extra incentive for them to take one your cards to keep on hand.

Branding & Design: It's Impact and Significance For Your Pet Business 7


Yes. We believe this is important.

Even if it’s you simply having your logo and/or a logo mark posted on your content; this will ultimately, even if it ’s in a small way, remind and renew your audience’s recognition of your brand. Even using the same type as found in your logo can help to extend your branding.

Looking for some extra help for this? You’re in luck! We also offer a monthly social media graphics retainer program called the PET PASSPORT PROGRAM. This popular service is only $149 per month and included 15 custom graphics (and some extra freebies), all customized to match YOUR pet business’s brand. CLICK HERE ?  to book your ticket and put the power of an award winning design studio behind your business.



Know your worth.

I hope that this post has been able to clarify and demystify the ins-and-outs, of the importance of branding for one’s pet business while also serving to relay important info and help.

Perhaps more importantly, we can’t begin to stress enough the importance of taking the time, energy and effort to implement a professional brand for this lone and simple reason: YOU ARE WORTH IT. After all, when is there ever not a good reason to have a brand that reflects one’s own heart, energy, effort, professionalism, expertise and more be seen and carried out in order to not only resonate with your target audience, but that reflects your professionalism and authenticity?

We sure think you’re worth it and more!


So, if you’re in need of a professional design studio that can help truly elevate your business’s branding efforts we’re here for you! Or reach out and say hello to us for a special treat.

Last but not least please feel free to download this FREE Pet Business Brand Audit Guide to help you easily implement your branding OR rebranding efforts.